Tips on reading cards

First of all you will need to select a deck of cards that you resonate with and want to learn how to read. It can be one of the many Tarot decks, oracle cards or the European sibilla style cards. Take each card and look at it while you are reading the booklet that comes with it or the accompanying book. This usually can’t all be done in one session and actually it is better to divide the time up so that you remember the gist of the card.

The easiest way to remember a few core keywords is to test your memory after each section of study. Even though journals can become bothersome they are a valuable step in the process of learning. After you go through this initial process some of what you have tried to memorize will stay with you but not all of it.

Everyone is anxious to do a layout right away even when they don’t know what the cards mean in any depth. This will require that you keep referring back to the book/booklet or your own personal notes.——>

I would suggest memorizing only 1 keyword when you start.

From that 1 keyword you will find your own associated meanings.

The next step is to really look at each card and analyze the scene or point of focus object. If you remember anything at all, remember the part of the scene that ties in with the 1 keyword.

Doing a one card draw is a simple layout but I think that it is better to do at least 2 cards because this way you will start to see the merging or blending of the 2 keywords. Out of that will come a combination meaning. This combined meaning is good for now. Take a look at the image of each card and try to tell a story or theme. It’s not as hard as it sounds. It is much more challenging when you have more cards staring back at you, in fact it gets overwhelming.

Keep it as simple as possible.

Did you notice any colors that stood out? What do these colors mean to you? Did you notice a certain part of the card that seems to jump out at you? When this starts to happen you are in the process of assimilating all the clues to give you a personal meaning.

Trust your cards and trust yourself that what you are feeling or thinking about these 2 cards is “right” for you. Often descriptions of cards are someone else’s interpretation of again another person’s interpretation.

There exceptions to this rule as well especially when you get into more traditional and rigid teachings. Don’t limit your perceptions.

Here is an example using the Mystical Lenormand.

The Stars + The Scythe

The Stars- one keyword – another popular meaning “success” The Scythe- one keyword – the ever popular meaning “slicing”

These 2 keywords tell you that success is short lived. When you look at the images you might get a different feeling that some “weeding” out of perhaps too many many goals (stars in the sky) will be necessary. There are other keywords associated with these cards but I really do think in the beginning stages it’s best this way. If you stop and think about it, using these 2 keywords can mean of variety of things to you especially if you had a question in mind at the time you select the cards.

Another alternative is to take one card at a time and get really into it until you “become” the card. This is the technique which I learned in my Qabalah- Tarot training. It is very effective. When you do it in this method, the image of the card will be in your mind down to the tiniest detail. Part of this process is to meditate on the card, close your eyes and then to visualize it & see yourself as one of the characters.

Of course, you may have already designed your own method.

The real test is when you sit down and read for someone else – that is truly the big test. Sometimes you can literally blank out if you do not have at least some core understanding of the cards before you and the connection with your “inner guide”. If you haven’t got either- don’t do the reading because most likely you will be unsuccessful or struggle with combinations.

I read two ways. It’s either card based or it is purely from energy triggers. I never know which way it will be until I actually sit down in front of the person. I choose my layout at the time of the shuffle and not before. I wait until I “hear” my intuition and will not proceed until then.

The reason for this is because I believe that this connection needs to be made right off the bat. You need to open yourself up to be an instrument for channeled information.

3 thoughts on “Tips on reading cards

  1. Hello Madame Seaqueen,
    I want to say this is by far the best site I have found for help with Mlle Lenormand cards, your site has incouraged me to take my cards out and start to use them, Thankyou 🙂
    I’m learning to read the Blue Owl Lenormand cards, I’m using the simple spread, past , now, immediate, soon. With each spread i do the cards seem to be telling me the same thing. I hope i’m not reading into them what i want to see. I would be ever so grateful if you might take a look and tell me what you see? My question was to do with a close relationship, the cards fell as follows,





    I hope to hear from you soon,
    Thankyou, Julie 🙂

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for your comment. It pleases me to know that my blog is helpful to you. I will do an upcoming post over the next few days using the cards that you have submitted. Under the Header banner are the meanings for the Lenormand. Stay tuned. Take care. Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Hello Madame Seaqueen,
    I have been reading your site for sometimes, maybe a year or so….I have to state, that you are a fantastic reader, teacher and genuine psychic. Your guidance is excellent and spot on. I am using Mystical Lenormands as they correspond with me. Thank you
    Love and Light

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