For Julie – simple layout using Lenormand

Coming up next the Lenormand in my Simple Layout


I will interpret this reading using “simple” keywords since I designed it to be a “simple” layout.

It’s good when you have a question you need answered about a specific situation or person.

I’ll do the reading for the purpose of demonstrating this layout and how the cards can be read. II am only offering the “simple” version of it. But knowing me and my love of “reading the cards” I might get carried away.

Julie says “My question was to do with a close relationship, the cards fell as follows”

Past – Cards 1,5,8 describe the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question. —————>

17 – STORK, Queen of Hearts -we all know this card means change.

7 – SNAKE, Queen of Clubs- the global meaning for this card is betrayal and all the associated spin off meanings of betrayal.

28 – GENTLEMAN, Ace of Hearts- this card represents a special man in Julie’s life. And we already know that she is asking about a close relationship.

INTERPRETATION: At first glance these 3 cards look suspicious. The snake tends to give people the creeps and it has several creepy meanings. The cards are describing a situation around the male in the most recent past. If the keywords are used the suggestion leans towards interference from another female (queen of clubs). I think this might be one of Julie’s concerns.

Yes there is another female of darker coloring involved and because this lies in the past, the worry of it coming in up in the future is less likely. Well I won’t know for sure until I get into the reading. I don’t have the layout in front of me & now that I have said that, I think I will take an image of this reading before I continue. I’ll use the French cartomancy deck for this illustration.

You will notice in the image the row of the Lady stands out. I like to lay clear plastic on the horizontal row of most layouts involving any of the sibilla style decks. Its easier that way to quickly find the starting point.

The SNAKE is a trigger card. This means that change has come to the man depicted by the Gentleman card because of or through the influences of the Queen of Clubs or the snake’s meanings.

The 2 queens can represent sisters or close girlfriends. There are several people involve in this scenerio. OK – that is one way to read those cards.

The other possibility is that the Gentleman has made a decision in the recent past that induced changes. He may have gotten involved in a situation to help these females out. He is an intelligent man who most likely will not risk what he has on a whim. Even though in the next column he faces the COFFIN card and this card is linked to the LADY – it does not have to be anything relationship shattering, but one should not rule out the possibility of some type of closure or or final decision.

Now-Cards 2, YOU (#29), 9 describe the now-what is going on with you -your thoughts and feelings.

3-SHIP-travel. Since this card is above the Lady card it can represent thoughts of taking a trip or thinking about someone who is away the the present time. Many time this card means “a desire or longing” for a person or for answers.

29-LADY- Julie’s card.

8-COFFIN-a completion. This card falls beneath the Lady and will indicate that she will soon have her question (s) answered. There is some sort of closure. This is not always negative and it can actually mean an end to worry.

INTERPRETATION: It appears as though Julie is preoccupied right now with regards the situation surrounding the Gentleman in the previous column of the past. She is not likely to be easily upset because the SNAKE card shows that Julie has a good head on her shoulders. She is very practical in her emotional disposition and is not about to jeopardize anything by over-reacting. Something similar has occurred to her before and she has managed to see it through. The card that the Lady faces is the CROSS. This influence is pending … and will be revealed in the next column.

The Lady is the trigger card. In this case, we can see that Julie’s thoughts about a possible completion or ending are important. It is not as it seems because within the influence of the coffin is a fortunate new thought process. If the SHIP represented travel, it is most likely that it would be cancelled or “shortened”. I feel that it should not be because there is a karmic issue going on and if that be the case, then it will happen whether it’s cancelled or not. You will be where you are supposed to be.

Immediate- Cards 3,6,10 describe the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate.

16-STARS-heartfelt goals. Generally, this card is about wishes or the want of something or some one. It is also a card of creativity.

36-CROSS- a test. This card can be read many different way. Some readers attach a negative meaning to it by calling it a card of sadness or emotional heaviness. I see it as a solution.

2-CLOVER-a quick turn of events. A card that points to something fast. Mostly it brings a positive or fortunate influence.

INTERPRETATION: The Lady is heading for the influence of the CROSS. I want to read this as a test of feelings. This should be over in a few days. The end result has a surprising new direction. It looks like a plan may materialize after all. Julie’s happiness will come in the form of a release. Often much clarity is achieved when one goes through a testing period.

The Cross is the trigger card. The testing period will come because of a significant wish of the heart and out of this graduation of emotional searching happiness shall return.

Soon- Cards 4,7,11 describe soon, less than a week. It’ll give you an answer to your question.

Since the point of the simple layout is to get an answer or advice within a short time span, like about a week I’ll jump to this part of the reading next. Tip: look to the end of the reading to see the outcome and results and work backwards especially with the Lenormand.

18-DOG, loyalty. Who is this friend? Is it someone new?

25-RING, commitment. I see this as a renewal.

22-PATH,choice. A direction with options is fast approaching.

INTERPRETATION: I will just factor these 3 cards but you really should not read the cards like this out loud. All I’m doing is taking the reading apart to show you the process that should be going on in your head. Everyone is different and everyone learns in a unique way. The best thing to do is “find your own style”. What could happen is that the relationship passes the test (CROSS card preceding) and it goes into another direction or level. This direction will beneficial in the long run.

The final card in the lower right hand corner is not only the Path/Road but also the Queen of Spades. Traditionally this card represent an older woman, without a partner but in the case of this reading she is probably married because the ring is beside her. This female will become involved within the week and it will be more of a distraction than anything. She is connected to travel- look in the diagonal line and it will take you right to the SHIP card.

The RING is a trigger card. This means that the issue of commitment or unity is a result of questions about loyalty or friendship. It can force a decision. The Queen of spades can be another aspect of the Queen of Clubs. This means that due to challenging situations surrounding the or because of the Queen of Clubs she has now become the Queen of spades. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

In conclusion: I don’t get the feeling that there is a detrimental situation around the relationship because in my experience the HEART card would have made it’s appearance with the SCYTHE looming close by. Even though there are 2 strong cards, CROSS and COFFIN that usually depict conclusions of one sort or another I don’t see these cards in an upsetting way. There is luck in this layout shown by the CLOVER and the luck is karmic in nature CROSS + CLOVER. This is more about “thinking” the worst rather than the worst actually happening.

Traditionally, CROSS + RING suggest an important commitment issue will occur which will lead to a significant decision in which direction to go.

A very close friend of Julie’s will be close at hand within the next week and the ambiguity will be resolved.

πŸ˜‰ …well so much for the short and simple interpretation… πŸ˜‰

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fyi- There is an editing glitch

4 thoughts on “For Julie – simple layout using Lenormand

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    Thanks so much for the reading, I seen some of this myself in the spread, but there was also alot i didn’t see.

    I’ll shine some light on the situation for you.
    Yes there are 3 people involved, myself single 43yrs old, this special man of mine A— is 38 yrs old, he is married, but seperated a few years ago he still shares the family home with his wife H—36 and dark hair and son 13, they are both unhappy (marriage of convenience).

    I’m assuming that the snake card is H— we shall see.

    In regards to the recent past i haven’t seen A— for a few days, he works long shift hours, so if anything has happend i haven’t heard yet.

    I’m not sure who the other people might be, well not yet anyway.

    Now position,
    He is away from me alot because of his shift work, and his other commitments.
    No travel was planned,
    My desire or longing is for A— and I to be together, and to see one of them walk away or end this marriage, so they can both find happiness and move forward with their lives.


    I do feel you might be right with the test of feelings.

    Ok, i’ll be back when more unfolds….

    This is exciting stuff πŸ™‚


  2. This is just to let you know how helpful and entertaining your site is (although you know that alraedy), I’ve been reading it for more than a year, but I left a comment only once, a long time ago. All the readings you use as examples for examining the meanings teach something new, and I also enjoy the posts that are not exclusively card-related.

    Greetings from a South American reader!


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