Ace of Hearts- The Man

The last Ace of the series belonging to the Le Petit Jeu Lenormand.

#28. Ace of Hearts-The Man. This card is the male getting the reading. It will also represent the special man in a woman’s life. Depending on which layout you are using or where the Man (gentleman) falls within the spread, it can portend a future meeting with someone totally new. ————->

Some of the meanings on the card point to a united and happy family, joy, celebration and protection. These suggestions are very closely related to the Ace of Hearts in the regular playing cards and the Tarot Ace of Cups as well as several of the Sibilla decks. The following story also resonates with the hearts suit.

This man in the center of the image is Danaus, a greek mythological character. According to the story, Danaus and his wife Pieria had 50 daughters (would hate to see all her stretch marks, :)) and his twin brother had (you guessed it) 50 sons. To make a long story short these 50 cousins were to marry each other. Somewhere during this story Danaus takes off and ends up taking over the kingdom of Gelanor. Soon after that the twin brother (Aegyptus) arrived with his 50 sons. Danaus instructed each of each daughters to kill these 50 men and all but 1 survived. Danaus was furious at his one daughter and put her into the Argive courts. Aphrodite (goddess of love, lust and beauty) intervened and saved her.

In the bottom left corner of the card is a huge momument for burning incense. This symbolizes an offering to the gods during the rites of ceremony.

In the bottom right side of the card is a very large church filled with fancy pillars and arches. The meanings of this image can point to protection and unity as well as faith.

Flower- Buxus (boxwood), commonly used for hedges which protect and enhance. Also used in the creation of the white pieces used in chess which symbolizes strength.

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