Ace of clubs- the Ring


This post will feature one of the  4 aces belonging to the Lenormand Astro Mythological cards ( Le Petit Jeu Lenormand 37 deck) which is the smaller version of the Le Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand 54 deck.  The imagery is identical with a few differences such as complimentary meanings are left out as well.  There is a letter of the alphabet in the upper right hand corner instead of the name of the card.  —->

These decks are  linked to Madame Lenormand however there is no clear and solid evidence that she created them as we see them now.  I’m sure she made her own cards by sketching them out, using her own symbols & divination systems like numerology, astrology etc. that were in keeping with the time frame she lived.  Anyone can create a deck if they have a good background in various systems but the real test is when you actually do a layout 🙂 if it all makes sense.

25.  Ace of clubs- The Ring.  

Jason is fighting the attackers in the forest. Ok so who is Jason?  Jason is a Greek mythological figure.  He is the son of Aeson and Alcimede 1.  His life was spared when Pelias (Aeson’s half brother) went around trying to kill all the descendant of Aeson  the rightful King.  Pelias was the son of Tyro and the sea god Poseidon.  Follow me so far. 🙂

Somewhere during this story enters the Golden Fleece- a winged ram. A quest Pelias sent Jason on thinking he would fail. Jason’s mission was to find it so that he could establish his rite to the throne.   Now that would certainly take a commitment (keyword of The Ring card). 

In the lower left hand corner you can see Jason and Medea (his wife) on a ship coming home.   One of the keywords on the card is “return“.  Returning is also part of a cycle.

In the lower right hand corner you can see Jason and Medea (well it looks like them, ha-ha) getting engaged and maybe this is why the card is called The Ring.

Flower- daisy, innocence & modesty.

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