Ace of Spades- The Woman

This is the first time I have really studied the imagery in the small Lenormand Astro Mythological deck in quite such depth.  I am enjoying this experience very much and want to share my findings with you.

The next Ace on tonight’s list is the Ace of Spades #29 depicting the female.  ——>

I love this card’s main image..  I think it is erotic. .

Some of the meanings on the card are as follows:  a meeting, accident, embarrassing quarrels, and ambiguous behavior.  These suggestions are more in keeping with the spades suit.

The scene in the main drawing is Europa and Zeus.  This is a wonderful story about love. Europa was a high class Phoenician woman who was abducted by Zeus.

He was so enamored by her beauty that he took the form of a bull so that he could lure her towards him and then he took her through the waters to Crete. Technically he kidnapped her. Her children were fathered by Zeus even though she married Asterion.

This is an appropriate story to represent the woman or female.  It’s all about love or the process of capturing a woman’s heart.

In the left hand corner of the card is a female in the doorway.  In the right hand corner there is a man sitting on a chair.  It looks like he is having a drink, maybe wine or some liquor.  Is he waiting for Europa?

Typically card #29 represent a special woman if you are a man doing the reading.  The question is just how far will you go to win the woman of your dreams.   True love is one of the  strongest  forces on this earth.

Flower- sweat pea, gentle and blissful pleasure.

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