Petit Lenormand

Block of 9 layout using the Petit Lenormand.  B.P. Grimand © 1976

The block of 9 layout is quite diverse.  You can designate many meanings to the rows and columns.  I find this deck fantastic to work with and only wish I remember all the characters in the Mythology depicted in the cards.  

Each card has a standard playing card inset in the top left hand corner. Here lies the general meaning and the number of the card.  Also, 2 special meanings -one positive & one negative and this applies to it’s combination with the lady or gentleman.  There is a unique flower/plant in the lower half of all the cards. Apparently Madame Lenormand was very knowledgeable in botany .  There  are several prophetic scenes on the lower half of each card (about 3/4 of it) which are part of the Grand Lenormand deck (54 cards). The cards are divided into two shadings.  The pink is a beneficial card and the white is more negative.

The card representing the lady (center) is white.  Interestingly the meaning is also negative in nature and I think this is due to the influence of the Ace of Spades.   This is the only deck that is somewhat in keeping with some of the traditional meaning of the standard playing (skat) cards and many of the Tarot minors.

The  writing on these cards is so tiny I can hardly make out what is written let alone read the French.

THE LAYOUT- when you first look at the image above you will notice a predominance of pink which means the influences tend to be more positive in nature.  The image(s) are not very clear because in order for them to fit into this space I had to downsize the entire picture.

Let’s pretend………… that the TOP ROW represents the PAST – 16. The Star 27. The Letter 32. The Moon

16-favorable proposal, important job 27-uncertain hopes, imaginary suffering 32-secret happiness, luck

SUMMARY- In the recent past this female had dealing with a work situation that has caused her some confusion and worry.  She may have gotten some promising news in the recent weeks.

MIDDLE ROW represents the PRESENT – 15.  The Bear 29.  The Woman 17.  The Stork

15-success in a risky venture, pluck (a type of sudden removal) 29. a meeting, embarrassing quarrel (or just the female in question)  17. kind hearted woman

SUMMARY- the female is in the midst of some situation that could go either way.  She will be connecting with another female very soon to discuss this.

BOTTOM ROW represents the FUTURE – 25. The Ring 1. The Cavalier 24. The Heart

25-money, marriage, success 1. satisfaction in everything 24. kind, pleasant and generous young man

SUMMARY- the cards look good for the future and there will be a connection with a male which leads to this happiness.

There are probably another couple of dozen interpretations with these cards using the “other” Lenormand meanings that are given to these exact same cards which are not really written on the individual cards.  

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3 thoughts on “Petit Lenormand

  1. Greetings Mdme. Seaqueen!
    I have been enjoying this group of posts regarding the Petit Lenormand. I was curious, are you able to discern the story from the scene or is there another point of reference you are using? I am having trouble recognizing many of the stories depicted on the cards (including the ones that you kindly relayed your knowledge about).

    Ones I (think) I recognize:

    #11 The golden apples of Hippomenes
    #1 Hercules slaying the Nemean Lion (one of 12 labors)
    #14 Hercules slaying the hydra (another of the 12 labors)
    #20 Achilles dragging Hector of Troy
    #19 The Trojan horse

    Thanks again for a wonderful and informative site!

  2. Hello Contessa,

    Thank you for your comment.
    I am not an expert in the mythological aspect of this deck, however I do remember many stories and what I don’t remember I research from various sites that explain these “tales”.

    I plan to write more on the Petit Lenormand because I find it fascinating, not only the “tales” but how they are tied into the core meanings of each and every card.

    The point of these posts is to demonstrate the possible links with the mythological aspects to the standard playing cards to the name of the cards. Often there is a smooth connection but in some cases there is not.

    Do you have this deck? Madame Seaqueen

  3. Greetings Mdme. Seaqueen,

    I do indeed have this deck. I aquired it a few years ago but had put it away. There was so little information in English about the various Lenormand style decks. I was accustomed to the general interpretations one would be familiar with if using (as a for instance) the Piatnik Lenormand pack. These cards have meanings that are often quite different and I found it rather confusing. I cannot recall if these meanings fall more into line with a more traditional cartomancy pack of 36 or if I thought they might. None the less, I thought it best to put it to the side.

    Your postings inspired me to re-visit this very interesting deck. I was looking though the cards last night along with each meaning and trying to discern how they tied together as you had done (sadly for me I was unable to replicate your clarity). I think I will study this deck for a little while. I look forward to your future musings about it.

    Thank you again,

    A humble student

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