Kipper -Property Lady

Card No 6 ” property lady”

In the image is a full grown woman holding a rose in her right hand. She looks as though she is pondering something as her left elbow rests on the table. (card in the center)

The traditional suggestion of this card is wise older woman, someone who has lived life. It can represent a female member of the family. She can also be a manager or leader in her field. She too would be attached and married. With certain combinations of the Lenormand Moon #32 there is a link, like with the Queen of Spades, Bouquet #9.

When the No 1 “main male” card is beside her (card on the left side) she could be contemplating an affair. Or maybe it is just his mom.

When the No 2 “main female” card is beside her (card on the right side) it can represent a mother-daughter or even two sisters.

3 thoughts on “Kipper -Property Lady

  1. Hi Seaqueen. πŸ™‚ For some reason some of the online translators will give you “Goods Lady” for “Gute Dame”, but the correct translation is simply “Good Lady”. She is, as you say, a wise older woman, but “Property Lady” is a misnomer.

    Got to watch those online translators. A lot of them will give you “Dump Truck Maps” for “Kipperkarten”!

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