Misfortune card


The appearance of the MISFORTUNE card is a warning to pay close attention to the situation detailed in the other cards. As a stand alone card, the message is to think before acting upon anything. Do you know what you are getting yourself in to?

Any reckless decision fueled by unstable emotions will lead you to a potentially threatening area. There is an element of risk that is presented by this card. Loss is suggested but it is more like an unfortunate situation.

When you lose yourself to negative thoughts you will find that your external circumstances will reflect that negativity. Sometimes it is difficult to always maintain a level of tranquility with positive thoughts oozing out of your pores.

The fire in the two cards shown as well as with all the other decks that have a Misfortune cards indicate heated emotions. Those emotions can be the many degrees of love or fear. There is a feeling of urgency with this card, something that will come up and shake up your world.

When situated beside the LOVE card, there is a strong warning of a break up in a relationship. One of the people in this relationship will conduct themselves in a very inappropriate manner thus causing pain and hurtful feelings as a result. Many times these two cards point to a passionate affair that starts at the drop of a dime and ends just as quickly.

Don’t dismiss this card as something trivial when it is beside the Love card. Play with fire and you will get burned. There are mostly negative connotations with the influence of the Misfortune card.

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