Hope card in combinations

The suggestions below are applicable to the Zigeuner deck (which is illustrated), Art Deco, Sibilla style cards, Biedermeir and many others. The meanings are only limited by your own imagination.

Hope+Widower/Widow. In this case the last two cards can represent people and will indicate that there is no marriage or committed relationship in the offing. You will basically stay single as in no romance. You will get your wish but it will be an “empty” victory.
Hope+Anger. This duo means that the only way to make any progress with regards to a potentially hopeful situation is to just fight for it. It doesn’t matter that this is not the right way but it is the only way. May the best (wo)man win.

Hope+Falseness. You are definitely not seeing a situation clearly and there is no amount of hoping for it that will make it any better. You are deceiving yourself and you will find out shortly when it bites you in the butt.
Hope+Thief Some person or situation will burst your bubble when you least expect it. While your head is in the clouds concentrating on something else, the other person gets the promotion you wanted, steals your lover away from you, gets the last set of tickets for the concert you wanted to see, etc.
Hope+Loss. There is not point hanging on any longer. It truly is a lost cause. Your lover will not come back to you. The surgery will not be successful. Don’t quit your day job just yet. You are in love with a loser!
Hope+enemy. This duo suggests that you had better hone up your skills to see any kind of accomplishment or achievement. There is stiff competition. There is more than one way to get what you want and sometimes you just need to “outsmart” the other person to get it. Use your intellect and not your emotions.

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One thought on “Hope card in combinations

  1. ok so in a recent spread I had this block of cards come up in the Gypsy deck.


    I asked what the next month was going to be like with regards to my hope for communication to resume with MR J

    I gather that he is weighing out the the odds with his feelings of sadness and anger……(no suprise)

    My hope is still STRONG AS EVER and I am very sad

    and then the good old widower card comes up (grrrrr) and empty relationship?
    he’ll end up alone? going away alone? is my hope on its way out the door?


    please help,

    (how funny that your entry on hope came up when it did)


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