Hope card

What is Hope? Hope is an emotional state. It leans towards positive energy because in most cases we hope for a good outcome to a situation that may or may not appear so positive at the time of this feeling.

There are many sibilla style decks on the market that include a card of hope.

Often this card illustrates a woman holding an anchor situated on land with the water in the background. When this card comes up in a reading it will tell you not to give up on a person or a situation. The only time it would lead to a negative outcome is if the following card is one of discouragement or failure.

I am reminded of the Tarot 7 of cups because even though this card suggests that the emotions are connected to the wanting of too many things or directions there is still the element of hope. When Hope follows a negative card it will tell you that no matter what you are going through the result will be promising in the highest level of all concerned. It may not look like it at first but it will be within the framework of the Universal laws as well.

With the Hope card there is the magic of manifestation as well. When you hope for a good result or to attract to yourself that which you want it is important to investigate why you want it in the first place. If your intent is not of pure heart -that is exactly what you will get. The outcome will appear positive but it will only be temporary. As with the lessons of the Tarot Tower card that which is built on false intent goes crumbling down when you least expect it.

We all need to have hope. It is one of the Theological virtues (faith, hope and charity). Hope is a quiet and passive energy and when it is not then we cannot call it hope. It becomes negative and it is called a craving. To crave something is to hunger for it. Hunger is a state of lack. Lack consciousness is negative.

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7 thoughts on “Hope card

  1. Hi SQ,
    your comments on hope make me think of the problem I have with these people who tell you that all you need to do is to wish for something and you will get it. I don’t know if I’ve just been reading the wrong sort of fairy tales, but I always feel that wishing for something is extremely dodgy: how on earth would I know if what I’m wishing / hoping for is actually something that will be of true benefit to me? So I prefer to take the attitude that it’s wiser to leave it to destiny to deal me whatever hand of cards it has ready for me.
    I don’t really use the word craving, but I guess that might correspond to some extent to the card Obsession in Rainring – and that’s certainly not a card I like to draw.

  2. Hi 94,
    Thanks for your comment and your triggered response.
    I have watched numerous videos on the secret of manifestation and read quite a few books on the matter as well. It all sounds so good but when it is applied to daily living it is not without challenges especially if it involves some deep rooted habitual thinking patterns. These patterns cannot disappear overnight and often they are such a profound part of one’s makeup that it can take years.

    If a person’s mother was in the state of fear and deep sadness while being pregnant this is transferred to the psyche of the unborn child. This child will struggle with this negativity throughout their whole life. It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure this out. Telling this child to watch a movie about manifestation when it has grown into adulthood will uplift the kid for 2 -24 hours and then the old pattern comes back to some degree. The same holds true for meditations on cards. It all depends on what level of development the person is at.

    We are all at different stages of growth. The people that are more evolved or have risen above emotional handicaps involving strong negativity are the teachers and guides for others to follow. I am not convinced that all people can attain those higher levels of understanding.

    I believe that we all have the road of destiny but there are people out there that are convinced that when you believe in that what you really want it will come to you. All you have to do is think about it, believe in it with every fiber of your body and then apply action to it -as in act as though you already have it. These are the people that appear to be helping others.

    In answer to your question (“how on earth would I know if what I’m wishing / hoping for is actually something that will be of true benefit to me?”) I think that unless you are wishing for something that is in keeping with the Universal principles it will not manifest and therefore it is not in the highest good of all concerned. As far as being of true benefit to you – you don’t really know that unless you are a visionary, lol, however you can think you know it.

    The Hope card is a little different and it can hold subtle meanings if the reader wants to use them. It can be a meditative tool. I use different cards when I want to pull from within myself certain lessons that the Major Arcana teaches. I like to offer many slants to the cards I write about so that a person starts thinking outside of the box of traditional associations.

    As with the Rainring cards, they mean whatever a person wants them to mean especially if that person uses only imagery and even if they use the 4 mentions on the cards each word will trigger a different response. Each word has a stigma attached to it based on multi-level factors.

    I use the word crave to describe that which I want a little too much.
    Hope you are well 94 and best regards to Hacina.


  3. Hi again SQ,

    So as you have said if the HOPE card is followed by a negative card it could indicate that somthing negative could come of this.
    Would you group together these cards for some examples.

    Would they be like this;


    you get my drift……let us know


  4. ooops, sorry too early to think clearly.

    “US” meaning anyone whos reading this post but using the Zigeuner deck in the above you were talking about how the hope card paired with a card in the future position of a negative meaning would negate the positiveity of the hope card. I just wondered about what those types of pairs would mean.(see above examples)

    “When this card comes up in a reading it will tell you not to give up on a person or a situation. The only time it would lead to a negative outcome is if the following card is one of discouragement or failure.”

    Is that more clear?, “HOPE” so.


  5. Hi Melle,
    You have posed a good question involving the “Hope card”. I will post my reply by demonstrating some possible combinations involving “Hope” and the more negative cards within the Zigeuner deck in an upcoming post entry.
    Madame Seaqueen.

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