4 thoughts on “the last reading – a poem

  1. I couldn’t help being reminded of the last words of C.G.Jung’s autobiography: do you know them?

    ‘When Lao-tzu says “All are clear, I alone am clouded,” he is saying what I now feel in advanced old age. Lao-tzu is the example of a man of superior insight who has seen and experienced worth and worthlessness, and who at the end of his life desires to return into his own being, into the eternal unknowable meaning. The archetype of the old man who has seen enough is eternally true. At every level of intelligence this type appears, and its lineaments are always the same, whether it be an old peasant or a great philosopher like Lao-tzu. This is old age, and a limitation. Yet there is so much that fills me: plants, animals, clouds, day and night and the eternal in man. The more uncertain I have felt about myself, the more there has grown up in me a feeling of kinship with all things. In fact, it seems to me as if that alienation which so long separated me from the world has become transfered into my own inner world, and has revealed to me an unexpected unfamiliarity with myself.’

  2. There once was a Girl from Slovenia
    Who is a Tarot Encyclopedia
    But she ran her computer
    Through a Roto Router
    And now has to find a new media
    (SQ..hopefully you find limericks as funny as I do…)

  3. There was a young girl from Slovenia
    who said ‘I need someone more senior
    to teach me the tarot:
    my views are too narrow
    I wish they were much more Seaqueenier.’

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