HEART Courts of Sibilla cards


L’Amante – Jack of Hearts

(amante maschio) LOVER- In the image there is a young man sitting down playing to an open window that has a red drape off to one side. Red symbolizes love and passion. He knows she is in there and if he sings beautiful love songs to her she will make her appearance if but briefly.

He could go through the opening right in front of him and make his way to the upper level and insist that she receives his feelings of love. There is a fancy gate behind this man suggesting a controlled situation. His leggings are red as well suggesting he is “turned on” by her charms even if she is hiding at the moment.

When this card comes up in a reading it indicates the potential of an affair or love relationship. It shows that the person getting the reading (female) is being pursued by an admirer. This card can depict the pursuit of a loving gesture or wonderful idea as well.

He would belong to the water sign Pisces and associations pertaining to the 12th house. The personality is flexible.

L’Amante – Queen of Hearts

(amante femminile) LOVER- In the image of the card sits a young woman who also is dressed red from the waist down suggesting the arousal of kundalini or sexual energy. She is holding something in her left hand that could be picture inside a locket of the man she desires. Perhaps he had given to her when he went away and promised to return soon. It could also be a religious picture and she is praying to her favorite Saint for her love to come home safely.

When this card comes up in a reading for a male, it suggests that he is cared for by a female that he might be ignoring or not viewing with romantic eyes. You never know she could be carrying his child and the object in her hand can be a gift she received as a good luck charm to promote a healthy pregnancy. If a female is getting the reading done, this card represents the fondness towards the card on the left of it.

The Queen of Hearts has had long time associations with motherhood. Generally representing females within a family. She belongs to the water sign of Scorpio and associations connected to the 8th house. The personality is strong and stubborn.

Gran Signore – King of Hearts

GREAT GENTLEMAN- In the image we see a mighty fine looking gentleman who appears to have dignity and class. He is well dressed and is very confident in himself. Generally this male is spoken for or married. He represents someone that hold an important position in the person’s life (whether the seeker is male or female). The King of Hearts has had a long time association with being the father, husband, brother and often a son. He can be someone who is in a position of leadership in an area of work that is linked to the community or some organization that helps those less fortunate.

His appearance is a reading cannot be determined completely unless the adjoining cards are factored in. Nevertheless, this card will tell you that you will be dealing with a prominent male who for the most part will be helpful.

The Gran Signore belongs to the water sign of Cancer and is connected to the 4th house. The personality is family oriented and security is important.

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