Past Lives

Is it not enough to try and figure out what our current life is all about without trying to understand the other lives we have lived?  More and more people want to know either for the sake of amusement or for the purpose of understanding certain predisposed genetic behaviors.  

We were not all Kings and Queens in a past lifetime.  Some of us were just ordinary folk caught up in the dynamics of that lifetime.   Some of us were put to death for our beliefs.  Have you ever met any one that you were instantly afraid of or just did not feel comfortable being around.  There is a good chance that they did harm you in a previous incarnation.  However, this time around they will try and be ever so nice to you … because they remember, too.

I have had several past life regressions done and was told similar things by 3 different people.  The similar things are not something that is a common sense deduction like being very overweight because you starved to death in a past life.  Or working at a mundane job and never getting promoted because you used to be a slave driving boss.

I am a strong believer in past lives despite  my hard core religious disciplines.  We don’t use the Internet to connect to the memories within us.  We use our “mind” and with this exact same mind we could connect telepathically.  I am convinced that this shall come to pass more prominently again.  It just takes a little getting used to, we all have it in us to be able to do it. Besides many people have just forgotten how.  If you don’t use it – you lose it.    Once you clear the roadway surrounding your mind of all those twigs and branches of doubts and fear -the connection can be made.

Have you ever wondered  which way we will go … after the Internet.  It’s time to use our own natural skills and abilities so that we can communicate with our hearts and minds versus pounding on a keyboard. It’s bound to happen.   We are walking human magnetics drawing to ourselves that which we think.  

Also, blaming a past life is partly ridiculous because then you do not make an effort to move on and past the challenges that face you.   However, one cannot engage in the battles that went on for eons…alone.   The greatest accomplishment for any human is to be in control of his own mind and those memories associated to past lives.  This is a lifetime of work all by itself…

Well I don’t see a spellchecker on this newly designed dashboard unless of course my vision is starting to get affected from staring at this screen more often than a television.  The latter being almost rare.

2 thoughts on “Past Lives

  1. Very Interesting article.
    For those interested in the subject I can recommend the Jane Robert’s Seth books.In my experience I have never read a more layered or lucid account of the subject.However there is no substitute for direct experience. Anyone who has ever had a spontaneous regression or near death experience can testify to that fact.
    I believe based on my own experiences that what Seth contends is true: That we are multidimensional beings that live and experience on many levels of reality simultaneously.Einstein stated that linear time is an illusion.So following that thread; my past selves are still in existence and inte-react all with probable future selves and this present thin slice of my total consciousness that I experience as “me”.
    In my mind the purpose of a reading is to bring foward to our attention something we already intrinsically know, but not on an everyday conscious level.

  2. Greetings Tushko,
    Thank you for your informative comment. I read Jane’s books when they started to become available to the public. The “Create Your Reality” book was a new bible for me. At this point I began to explore many of the teachings of the Catholic church and why the heck I even believed in some of those teachings that were crammed down my throat – without me even asking.

    The simultaneous reality reminds me of a show I used to watch as a kid called, “Dark Shadows”. It was a type of soap opera about vampires living in parallel dimensions. Barnabas was his name.

    I think that if this is all true what Seth says, the recollections we have of our past lives whether through spontaneous regression or through hypnotic sessions are not from a space within our minds that we can comprehend or reach without crossing some sort of division/boundary.

    I tend to believe that our ego rules with an iron fist keeping all the previous lives within the space we cannot comprehend. I can hear the battles all the time.

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