Brief interpretation of Lenormand layout

The meanings that I am using below are taken from the tab called Lenormand 1-36 beneath the header.

No assigned positions were given to me from the comments section for this 9 card layout. I will designate column #1 as the past, column #2 as the current and column #3 as the immediate future.

My brief interpretation using the 9 cards below will demonstrate at least 9 possible summaries.

Dog coffin ship
sun rider book
tree house man


18. DOG – Reliability. You can count on this situation or person that is depicted in surrounding cards. Coupled with the GENTLEMAN or LADY card suggest a deep bond of friendship. A pet. When the RIDER card precedes this card a friend will come to visit you. In work situations – steadiness and security unless followed by one of the negative cards.

31. SUN – Powerful & Positive. Embodiment of success. As a characteristic suggests a warm-hearted person, someone who gleams with confidence. In a situation, brings ease where there is doubt. Will guarantee a good outcome-something to look forward to. Following negative cards will ensure victory but preceding- happiness that turns sour.

5. TREE-Pertaining to well being. The root of a problem. Nourishing one’s physical needs. Energy level. Can point to illness if surrounded by negative cards and even sudden death if the SCYTHE and TOWER are near.

8. COFFIN – Endings. Conclusions. Closures. Opportunity for a renewal. In a situation the card promises a ray of hope. Surrounded by challenging cards such as SCYTHE, TOWER, PATH can predict an accident. Time to consider a new direction. A passing if the CROSS is close by as well.

1. RIDER = This card is all about the movement of news. It’s on it’s way and usually arrives within a short time. As a person, for the most part a male, can indicate someone who is active and athletic. A jockey.

4. HOUSE = Wherever you live. When this card is beside the SHIP it can suggest a houseboat or trailer. Matters concerning the family members. A father or head of the household (King of Cups). Property.

3. SHIP- Travel of various types, in particular on or over water. Importing and exporting business. Someone employed in the Navy or other related occupation as in a marina, fisherman, dock crew.

26. BOOK- All that is unknown and most of the time to be revealed unless there are blockage cards. Can suggest secrets – knowledge that has not been brought forth or a reference book. Coupled with the TREE card a health condition will be discovered. With the RIDER card –a delivery of package or parcel. Beside a person card points to one of two things, either a higher level of intelligence or a dubious nature, closed off personality. A deck of fortune telling cards when near the MOON & STARS cards.

28. GENTLEMAN- Male seeker of cards. The special partner of a female, husband, boyfriend, fiancé etc. As a person, generally a neutral card because it is influenced by surrounding cards. Coupled with the HOUSE card- a homebody. With the FOX or ANCHOR card- male connected to work or worried about job.


These cards show a friendship that is rooted was rooted in trust and loyalty. There is an indication of some issue involving the well being of this person.


These cards suggest that news or information has come to the home of the gentleman regarding a situation that has changed significantly. This will involved the friend (DOG).


These cards point to information regarding some travel or plans that will be made that surrounds the gentleman. The entire circumstances are not known yet and it could be the friend (DOG) who will do the traveling to visit the gentleman.


TREE+RIDER+SHIP – These cards suggest that news will come regarding someone’s well being. There is less activity or lack of needed action regarding affairs of employment.


DOG+RIDER+GENTLEMAN- A friend is definitely thinking of visiting this gentleman.

These cards can be read horizontally as well.

DOG+COFFIN+SHIP- A friendship is open for renewal through a business related opportunity.

SUN+RIDER+BOOK- Promising news is on it’s way regarding some much needed information that is not totally understood.

TREE+HOUSE+GENTLEMAN- News of a setback comes to the home of the gentleman. There could also be actual structural issues around a house or in the basement.

There are many other possibilities in this delineation. The court cards have not been factored yet.

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3 thoughts on “Brief interpretation of Lenormand layout

  1. I am enthralled by your answer for the Lenormand. Can you help me with this answer too?

    horseman (1)+ letter(27) + dog(18) + house (4) + anchor(35) + fish (34) + bouquet(9) + man(28) + woman (29)

    I deducted the following: Soon news will come to you (text, email etc) from a handsome, elegant man that has his own company or is employed in real estate? The question was: who is the man coming next to this woman? Thanks


  2. Hi Gigipetu,
    Thanks for your comment.

    When the woman (lady card) falls last in a line the traditional interpretation of this would be that the cards preceding or behind #29 will signify situations of the past or passing.
    It could be the gentleman #28 is known in some respects.

    Is this line part of the full board 36 card layout? If so the cards above and beneath the lady will give additional clues.

    Yes news is on its way, in ways of modern communication. The man can be a friend of the house/family. Or he can be a man associated to a business requiring financial skills. There are 2 men side by side, 2 Kings. The King of Hearts (house)and the King of Diamonds (fish). When two kings fall together one common meaning is a man in uniform. They are both red in color so this means that it is an amicable connection.

    The man (28) and woman (29)side by side suggests a familiarity or a knowing. Are they facing each other or away, in the deck you are using? There are 2 females surrounding the man – indicating a choice or decision. He is not without other financial ties and commitments yet to the Queen of Spades.

    Perhaps the man if he is not known at this present time, is in the process of making a choice in emotional direction. To free himself up to pursue the woman #28 who is awaiting him.

    Depending which Lenormand deck you are using, you would be able to decipher other possibilities. The Mystical Lenormand does not have the regular playing cards inset, however a lot of information can be arrived at through the Astrological glyphs.

    Reading cards is surely an exercise of investigative skills. 😉 Madame Seaqueen

  3. Hi Madame Seaqueen,

    You are absolutely right about 28 man and 29 woman knowing each other and also about bouquet (9). Unfortunately the cards I have are the Titania’s and they do not have the inserts, etc.
    An Update: 28 man called 29 woman yesterday night. I hope that he makes the correct choice in the emotional direction and frees himself up to pursue woman (28) as she is very much in love with him and the ex (bouquet (9) queen of spades is in another relation and super happy.

    About the other two men (house (4) and fish (34)) they must be friends of 28 man and helping 28 make the right decision and forgetting once and for all his ex (bouquet 9)and concentrate on being happy with 28 woman who is awaiting him.

    So much to learn and investigate about the cards, thank you so much for your teachings and understanding, with your explanation my mind is going wild with all the possibilities. THANKS.


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