Reviewing the Garden + Birds cards

As I sometimes do – I post questions about the cards from the comments section on the blog. I will use your layout cards as a tutorial to demonstrate possible interpretations. I find this also helps others to learn.


.The image above displays the Simple Layout using 12 cards. I created this layout so that I could get deal only with 1/3 or the Lenormand deck to answer specific questions. In this spread you have to remove your card 1st from the deck and place it in spot #6. Lady for female and Gentleman for male.

I will analyze the cards strictly from a tutorial perspective and illustrate the process of delineation. This post is offered to help others understand this process. The obvious associated meanings with the cards – we all know– but when you look a little deeper -a new version of the meaning could develop. There are 2 cards of focus for expanded observation, the GARDEN and the BIRDS cards.
What does the GARDEN card suggest?

20. PARK- Positive influence. All things creative & entertaining such as casino, art gallery, musical concert, etc. Being out in public. To be exposed- publicity.. Coupled with the COFFIN card can suggest a cemetery. With the TREE card – a healing retreat, spa. Surrounded by negative cards can point to slander. Near the LADY or GENTLEMAN card- a person that is an extrovert, someone who likes to be center of attention.

The GARDEN/PARK is a card about a social situation. It refers to all that is connected to leisure activities including meetings of all kinds. When this card is next to ( in this case) or near the significator card (spot #6) it suggests that the person is surrounded by a field of supportive systems such as people and situations.

The LADY and GENTLEMAN are bonded by the influence of the GARDEN’s meanings.

What does the BIRDS card suggest?

2. BIRDS – Suggests lots of blabbing. “Girl/Guy talk”. Can represent two of anything. With the STORK & CHILD, strong possibility of twins. (2 of something). As a characteristic, a person who can talk their way out of a wet paper bag. Making a mountain out of a molehill. Short travel. With the SNAKE, beware of flirt.

The BIRDS card is all about communication. It brings news that is through electrical means, such as the telephone, email or even text messaging. Often this card foretells the announcement of a trip or journey. When this cards is surrounded by negative cards, the news is also negative in nature and can cause some sadness or grief. In this case there are very positive cards near the BIRDS card. I have found this card also to mean the desire to leave or depart.

Many times it is a card of “worry” but it is more of a gnawing feeling versus nervous……………….


Here we have news coming (Rider) with regards to work or job opportunity (Anchor). The potential to increase the financial situation is strong (Fish). It shows an opportunity with some security (Anchor).

FISH + STARS = wishes will be fulfilled regarding work (Anchor).


The lady of the reading is very intelligent and she is prepared to be of support (Cross)to the Gentleman. She is resourceful (FISH). The GARDEN card supports her direction in the near future. She will be conversing with agencies or social departments which will give her information about work (ANCHOR). She is not afraid to speak up (GARDEN) and is not timid in expressing what is needed at hand.


The cards above the Gentleman shows an ending (COFFIN) to a dilemma. A decision was arrived at in the recent past. It does not appear as there was much choice in this (CROSS). The Cross is a card of finality ad coupled with the COFFIN, the finality lead to another direction (decision). Perhaps it is the want of moving country.


I want to read the LILY card to represent a professional man who is also a friend (STARS) that will assist in the fulfillment of the Gentleman’s desire to have this change. Good news is coming (RIDER, STARS)

The changes are not shown in the near future, and can take more than one month. The BIRDS card is connected to the number 2, a couple of months for sure.

In answer to the question,

“my question was related to our wish to move countries and what chances my husband would have to find a job abroad.”

Work could be found in the field of communication (ANCHOR, BIRDS) or as a financial advisor (FISH). There is no evidence of failure or overwhelming difficulties in any of the cards that fell in the Immediate or Soon Columns.

LILY + STARS = a harmonious outcome connected to the wishes.

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