When readings don’t seem to come true – give your head a shake!

Often, we as Card Readers neglect to review why certain readings don’t seem to come true. It is too easy just to forget about predictions you have arrived at that hold little weight in so far as accuracy.

One popular belief is that a card reading is a snapshot of the energies surrounding a person at the time of the reading. If they continue in the same fashion the probability of prediction manifestation is very high. When the cards reveal a negative or challenging outcome the possibility of changing it to some degree is also possible. When the cards reveal a positive or rewarding outcome there most likely no desire to make any changes.

So what are these energies that surround a reading? Is it the energy of your thought processes during the shuffle or is it because the transiting Moon is in opposition to your Sun sign. Good question.

If our thoughts create our reality and bring unto us the energies to back up these thoughts – then it makes sense that our state of mind/emotions influences the cards that we choose. Our subconscious state of mind hold our belief systems. This does not mean they are right or wrong. Who, is to judge what you believe besides yourself?

When we ask the cards for guidance and ask a well meaning and formed question, you would think the cards would answer the question, hopefully in a positive way. But, then we see cards of challenge, misery and failure. How is this possible? Part of the reason for this is because deep in your subconscious network there looms a doubt or fear…..

Often, we as card reader don’t take the initiative to explore this aspect but this is really a job for a professionally trained therapist. Did you know that more information is found in a person’s natal chart than in years and years of psychological therapy. This is why many psychologists incorporate Astrology charting in their practices. This is nothing new it has just be re-discovered. Also, card systems are used along with traditional treatments. Oh yes, check out some of the alternative practices.

When Reading predictions don’t seem to come true it is because (generally speaking) the person doesn’t want them to come true or they are in complete denial of their own subconscious impulses.

I have done Readings for myself that showed a certain outcome to a question … and it did not manifest in the way the cards indicated. I study these types of readings until I can figure out why or why not? I have come to the conclusion that it is a person’s “shadow self” shuffling the cards. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Your thoughts create your reality. (Jane Roberts/Seth) When Readings don’t seem to come true…. it is because you or the person getting the Reading have doubtful thoughts about your reality/future. Being clear on what you want to know is vital. The cards get along better with your subconscious questions rather than ego questions.

(Another reason the predictions don’t come true is because you read something into the cards which really wasn’t there. Predictions  are in the eyes of the beholder.)

seaqueen’s perception Mar 31, 2008

5 thoughts on “When readings don’t seem to come true – give your head a shake!

  1. Hello again Mme. SQ

    First let me say I compleatly love your site and your blog info.
    I have had my cards read by a very reputable lady here where I live. My first time was only 9 or so months ago. Much of what she told me that day has come true. Funny enough however the one area that I wanted to come true more than any other has not yet come to be. Out of frustration in the winter I went baCK ONLY 4 1/2 months after the first reading. She does a traditional gypsy reading with a deck that is something like the zig deck and ends off with a palm reading.
    Each time she sees me she tells me basicly the same thing with regards to my love life. \i have yet to see if it will manifest. In fact almost the opposet has been the case thus far. She tries to reasure me that no matter what things look like now I will get what/ who I want in the next few months. I want what I want so badly is this just a case of my wants being so big that the cards only show me my wants and not the reality of the situation. Or has time been my enemy with regards to when I will have my dreams come true.


  2. Hi Melle,
    Thanks very much for your gracious compliment.
    The passion attached to your wants can contribute to the manifestation of your “wants” if they are in keeping with the grand scheme of things. There are many factors in this. If a person wishes for some thing or some one with the purest of heart intention it generally comes to pass.
    Perhaps the reality of the situation is reflected in the card reading?
    I hope you are well and try to keep a more detached connection to the outcome. The reason for this is because it sends the message to the Universe of doubting the process of making dreams come true.
    It is believed that when a request is sent to the Universe, it is best to let it go and allow it to unfold.
    Take care,
    Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Your thoughts certainly do create your reality! One thing to note, if there is something that you very much desire, but it isn’t coming forward, ask yourself how much resistance do you have, that may be slowing it all down. For example, if you’re wishing for more money, but all of your habitual daily thoughts are about “I don’t have enough…I’ve got too many bills..etc” you will be sending a signal out to the Universe that will slow down the manifestation of what you really want!
    The trick is to align your thoughts with what is wanted; and don’t put your focus on what is not wanted… this is why things like a Gratitude journal, or taking time to appreciate ‘what is’ can be so powerful. It soothes your prickly vibration around “lack” and puts you more in alignment with what is wanted 🙂

    Melle could help attract that relationship scenario, by envisioning how she wants to feel in a relationship..write down things that you would do with the right partner, how would it feel? what would he be like?
    I would suggest taking a specific person out of the equation, and put out to the Universe how you would like a relationship in general. This way, there isn’t the resistance, or doubt, or charge around a specific personality…and it’s easier to manifest the perfect relationship for you! Try it, it works!
    10 years ago, I wrote about 5 pages about what I would like in the perfect relationship for me (this after an unhappy marriage of 20 years- so I had some contrast!!lol) Literally, within a month, I met someone who I became friends with, and over metaphysical conversation, shared the pages I had written…lo and behold! we both realised very quickly, that this man fit the description in my pages!!! It took another year or so, but we are now very happily married for 8 years!
    The more you want, and notice that it isn’t here yet, the more you delay it coming into your life…so try to pivot 🙂


  4. Hello SpiritSong,

    You guidance is very insightful and quite meaningful. I hope Melle has a chance to read it. I agree that the concentration of what we want in life versus what we don’t have/want is a vital point of understanding.

    I think sometimes we get what we need and not what we want which can be two separate things or the same thing. I do think that when powerful emotions that are connected to desires and wishes, one must be careful that these emotions are in the purest form. Yes your thoughts create your reality. I don’t believe one should focus a lot of energy on the process but keep the end result in mind. When you let it go, it will come to you in certain steps that leads to this result.

    Your experience leading to your second husband is an aspect of this entire process. It is a good example of clear intention. I can think of many examples when manifestation did occur but it was not in the highest good of the person in the short term scheme of things. Some people are not as advanced, nor do they know themselves enough to actually believe that their dreams, wishes and desires will come true. It is a struggle for some and for others it develops with a little more practice (depends on their emotional patterns).

    Your story gives others “hope” of manifesting their desires. Thank you for sharing.

    Madame Seaqueen.

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