Pregnant Mouse – #6 Green

I did a one card draw to see what the Pages of Shustah© deck would reveal. I had no question on my mind while I shuffled the cards. I chose 1 card at random while the deck was face down in the palm of my hand.

I wasn’t surprised to see the Pregnant Mouse. For more excellent detailed posts on this card please visit Rev Foor’s (a man I admire immensely) blog called DAILY READING & MEDITATION

The pregnant mouse really reminds me of the Tarot 5 of Pentacles and the Lenormand #23 Mouse card. There is one common thread meaning in these cards and it is loss. I’m just thinking out loud in this post and it will show you how I come to the conclusions I do. I type as I think along each process.

As a follow up to the train of thought of my last post in which I stated our thoughts create our reality, I am staring at a card that has negative connotations. 😛 Is my mind filled with negativity at this moment? Ok so we all know I lost my job and that part of the meaning for the #6 Green card is poverty or loss of financial abundance. That is way too obvious.

As many of you know when you are worried about paying your bills an emotional unbalance is unavoidable. This card is green and not red which suggests progress and development. In the image there are 2 rather cute mice. The one standing upright is pregnant for sure but the other one in the lower right hand corner might not be. The number 2 is about sharing, cooperation, balance, partnership etc – not so bad after all.

I suspect that the message of this card is a type of spiritual poverty as well. This happens when you give up for a short time and lose hope that everything will be alright. On the left side of the card it looks like a piece of cactus sticking out from the bushes.

pregnant-mouse.jpgSince the Pages of Shustah© cards are suppose to trigger your imagination as well, I see a huge thumb belonging to a right hand. The rest of the hand is out of view. A hand symbolizes help or assistance. If you wear a ring on your thumb the suggested association is Willpower and Independence. Actually the closer I look at the thumb I do see the outline of a ring, one of those adjustable rings.

😉 Aaaah a flexible state of mind….
This is a good sign. In the distant background you can see 3 forms that have shadows – so it must be sunny outside. The Weeping Willow tree covers a good part of the upper right side of the card. It is the same tree as shown in the Red card #9 called the Weeping Woman. The difference is that the tree is much fuller in this card. This means it is still alive and growing.

It is strong too because it will sway in the wind and is not as rigid as an Oak tree.

The Weeping Willow tree has symbolic connection to grief. A mourning time. It puts us in touch with our emotions and dreams. It is believed that poets and musicians would sit under the tree to get inspired.

There is a distinct message within this card that my emotions are lacking nutrients and nourishment which can only be achieved by utilizing the strength of my Willpower to gain independence of the heaviness in my womb -the unborn mouse. As with all grieving processes it all comes on it’s own time.

The wind is blowing a little because you can see the clouds passing by…. and they are passing.

This card is telling me to address issues that are in transition. The pregnant mouse will not be pregnant forever, she will give birth. Gestation is usually 18 to 20 days depending on the breed. Good grief no wonder there are so many mice racing around. 😛

mouse.jpgTime Frame + Advice : Things will improve within 3 weeks leading to the birth of a new emotion, idea or plan by being flexible during the time of gestation

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2 thoughts on “Pregnant Mouse – #6 Green

  1. Hi SQ,
    Am I dreaming, or were you doing another mouse the last (or nearly last) time I dropped by?

    I like your new look blog – very fetching: I have no idea how you get all the special effects.

    Sorry to hear about your job loss. I always imagined you as a professional card reader – is there a reason you don’t use this great gift you have to earn a living?

    take care, and enjoy your ‘pregnancy’


  2. 94S, my friend, how have you been doing? Nice of you to swing by. Yes I am a professional reader. I also need to work in areas that are non related to keep my feet on the ground in this physical world so that I do not fly away. 😛
    Talk to you soon. Please say hello to Hacina for me.

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