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.The interpretation for the playing cards that you see in the image is rooted in  Regina Russell’s “Card Reader’s Handbook” system.  I have studied her technique since the publication of her original book. Permission granted to use the handbook’s meanings.

After you use any system of card divination you form custom meanings through experience and feedback.  It is helpful to know the core meanings.  The Skat cards differ in meaning and yet they are standard playing cards as well.

PASSING spot 4clubs.jpgQhearts.jpgAhearts.jpg

A telephone call 4clubs.jpgis made by a female member Qhearts.jpg+Ahearts.jpg of the family.  Often the Qhearts.jpg is the female getting the reading done.  The topic of the conversation would be about a situation that involves providing a service of some type that is helpful 4clubs.jpgin nature.  It would involve a home or place of business which most likely is within the place of residence.    The situation could be connected to a visit or a house call Ahearts.jpg.

The next fan of three cards will expand on this providing more information as in the circumstances around this conversation or phone call.

NOW spot 5clubs.jpg9clubs.jpg5hearts.jpg

In the now spot there is evidence that because of a conversation in the very recent past an situation will come up that will involve an interviewing 5clubs.jpgprocess.  The 5hearts.jpgcontains a wonderful opportunity that will bring great pleasure to the person who is getting this reading Qhearts.jpg.  A long distance phone call is coming 4clubs.jpg+ 9clubs.jpgor a message from a long distance away that will involve a business 5clubs.jpgopportunity.

A meeting is shown that will include some shop talk 5clubs.jpg+ 8clubs.jpgand the bouncing of ideas that leads to the possibility of organizing an mutually agreed upon business relationship 5clubs.jpg+ 10hearts.jpg.  It’s always a good idea to scan the next fan of cards to complete the theme of the cards.  It doesn’t have to be the very next fan, it can be any card or cards that happen to stand out when you are forming your interpretation.

SOON spot – 10hearts.jpg8clubs.jpg7clubs.jpg

A very busy time is shown in the next few weeks.  The SOON spot is usually a few weeks and often I have seen it materialize within a few days.  The relationship between the Qhearts.jpg and the other person has not been defined at this point.  We do not know if it is a male or female.   There are 3 KINGS in this layout suggesting it would be a male oriented.     The business conversation 8clubs.jpgcontinues.  Within the 10hearts.jpgis a hint it most likely is a male.  This card depicts a matrimonial partner or someone you are in a relationship with.   Since the 10hearts.jpgis surrounded by clubs.jpg‘s, it is probably a good friend with an interest in business as well.

There is an offer coming.  This offer can be a business project or an actual job 5hearts.jpg+ 8clubs.jpg.    Often the 7clubs.jpg+ 10hearts.jpg represents a reconciliation.  In a business aspect perhaps an idea that lay dormant is being looked at again.  A negotiation 7clubs.jpg will come to pass.

1-2 MONTHS spot Khearts.jpg Kclubs.jpg7diamonds.jpg

This spot reveals the probable future.  It usually happens within this time frame.  Here we have 2 KINGS suggesting a male in uniform.  There are no spades.jpg‘s in this fan so it is all good as in not because of any trouble.   There are no health related cards or heavy duty spades in the layout so it is safe to assume the man in uniform will be a good influence.

The 7diamonds.jpgshows a financial increase connected to these 2 Kings.  The man involved will be a warm hearted friend or a compassionate businessman.  Anytime the 7diamonds.jpgis beside a court card the suggestion is that the circumstances will be public in nature.  For example, a business that deals directly with people versus E-commerce.  Serving the public.

INFLUENCES spot 5spades.jpgKspades.jpg2hearts.jpg

The spot in the layout usually show the unforeseen influences. The fan can hold good meaning cards or introduce possible obstacles or challenges.       The first couple of spades.jpg‘s side by side.   Usually the Kspades.jpg is an Ex or a professional man.  Since he is coupled with the 5spades.jpg and the fan ends in the 2hearts.jpgI will read him as a divorced man 5spades.jpg + Kspades.jpg.  This man’s intentions are favorable or at least end on a good note.

You can read the 2hearts.jpg to represent children- perhaps his kids.   The Ahearts.jpg + 5spades.jpg points to a relocation or changes in the residence and this is connected to this Kspades.jpg .  The reason for that is because the 5spades.jpg is beside him.

ADDITIONAL  possibilites

At this point we have a general idea of some of the situations coming up for the Qhearts.jpg.  You can get much more information if you read the fans of 3 card vertically as well.   For example:    Khearts.jpg5clubs.jpg5spades.jpg or   Kclubs.jpg9clubs.jpgKspades.jpg.   As you can see the Khearts.jpg could very well be a male member of the family who is having issues with his job 5clubs.jpg5spades.jpg and because there are 2 -5’s together there is an element of urgency to this.

…and so on…

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4 thoughts on “Playing Cards reading

  1. i keep having a dream this dream has been going on for about a year this person i havent seen in about 20 years. can you read the cards for me and let me know if you see something ?

  2. Hello Chuck,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Usually when you dream of someone you haven’t seen in a while it indicates that you should hear something about them. Sometimes it means you will run into them quite unexpectedly.

    This blog is about teaching others to read cards. When I use examples from the comments section it is to demonstrate the process of divination purely from an educational point of view.

    Madame Seaqueen.

  3. madame seaqueen there’s this old lady with long beautiful white hair that has come to me in my dream 1 thing i know she has alot of love for me the first time was in 2007 and the sec time 2012 usually when im not well i know she would be 1 of my great great great grandmother but who i don’t know could you please give me a name or initial

    • Thanks for your comment. You could assign letters of the alphabet to a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck, focus on the old lady from the dream. Pick one card. See what happens. As I was writing this I had a strong impression this aged lady had some native Indian lineage? Take care.

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