“Comments: Melle’s Zigeuner layout”

The cards below were submitted in the comments section. To review the entire full board of 36 cards would require several posts. However, I can briefly describe some of the possible meanings excluding most of the cards in the past -behind the Sweetheart. The focus will be the present, imminent and the probable future influences.

Row #1
ecclesiastic, unexpd joy, enemy, love, journey, falseness, message,misfortune
Row #2 anger, letter, sadness,fortune, baby, marriage, lover, jealousy,
Row #3 merriment, death, visit, hope, sweetheart, malady, officer, gift
Row# 4 judge, widower, house, widow, constancy, thought, fidelity, money

.I think the Gipsy cards require many years of study so that you can reach beyond the meanings that are evident in the images. The core meanings are simple and you can derive at a half decent interpretation.The key is to start with a block of cards and read them. Then you move on. If you look at all 36 cards confusion can set in because the art of synthesis is developed differently in everyone. This is a skill that comes with practice and more practice.First we find the column where the Sweetheart card is situated because our seeker is female. We can see in the image that the Journey and Baby cards are above her. This shows a new development that is on the mind of the female. This development involves affairs of the heart (Love beside Journey).In the recent past (the first column in the image) there is the strong suggestion that the Love department started out filled with the promise of happiness. However the Widow has made her appearance at the bottom of the column. This means that the circumstances around the emotional situation turned out to be a dead end.This female could be with child because the Malady card is to the right of her. That would be one way of looking at it. The Sweetheart’s situation will not change rapidly and will be a slow process (Malady). The commitment depicted by the Marriage card is influenced by the Falseness card -not a positive sign. The last card in the 3rd column of the image is the Thought card….negative thinking might win out in the very near future.The Thought card also indicates that news is on it’s way- and it good news (Fidelity + Money). These two cards falling in the future suggest a gain, it doesn’t have to be financial. It can be gain of trust.Communication will be made with the significant other (Lover). Initially, it points to progress being made and a working (Officer) out of the barriers or problems.The cards around the Lover indicate that he has overheard (Jealousy) some information that perhaps he should not have. A temptation. Also, he may have gotten involved in a situation and then realized that he didn’t want any part of it.The female will be receiving a “love gift” within 3 months. She must remember not to throw the roses of hope away. The final card in the last column is the Money card. This means a renewal of something valuable…like a relationship.Even though the Misfortune card lies in the future it does not have to be doom and gloom. It can be something simple like a cancellation (Message + Misfortune) or postponement.Reading the Gipsy cards (as I call them) can be fun. The way you read them is very important. The least amount of stuttering with meanings the better.

5 thoughts on ““Comments: Melle’s Zigeuner layout”

  1. Thanks you SQ.

    I wonder about the cards surrounding the Lover card.
    Above him to the left is falseness and marriage cards and to the right the jealousy card if that could involve a situation in which a female “friend” of his is hovering around him hoping for their relationship to evolve into more and her intentions are deceitful and underhanded, thus causing jealousy to form from it as he still wants only to be friends with her. In other words their relationship is formed on a ruse or falseness of intentions to be “JUST FRIENDS” with the intent for a romantic bond to form. I come to this conclusion because I see the “friend” he has as an enemy to my self as I have never trusted her hovering around our relationship waiting for the right moment to strike. Shown here by the enemy card just to the left of the love card followed by the Journey card indicating the leaving or the separation of our relationship. But in the future spot the misfortune card is for me 2 meanings. One, the evil “friend” plans will fail and causing misfortune for her because of her false intentions. Two, The message of this misfortune will reach me and I will know that hope is on the way for me and he to reunite causing jealousy for her.


    Could I the sweetheart be under the false pretense that they are only friends and I’m being lied to about the situation causing jealousy?

    What do you think about my analysis of these cards?

    Let me know…..


  2. Hi Melle,
    Your analysis is very good. Actually both of your interpretations could be applicable. When a person reads their own cards there is a tendency to pick and choose meanings that make the most sense to the person about their life.

    In one way that is what the cards are suppose to do – reflect our own inner process.

    In the columns of cards to the right of the Sweetheart (you) a temptation is suggested (Lover + Jealousy)in the upper right corner of the full board layout but it would not be likely that it would lead to a serious entanglement.

    There is no clear evidence in the cards that point to you being under the influence of illusion. Many time the BABY card shows a situation in an infancy state but it does also show naiveness. Naiveness is the lack of experience in judging situations or experiences.

    The renewal of trust lies in your future cards (Fidelity + Money). It is the Lover that will be involved in a situation that will quickly (Misfortune) resolve itself due to a temptation (Jealousy).

    Traditionally the Jealousy card represents a red-haired female but I think the symbolism of this is “the other woman”.

    The Lover + Jealousy are connected by Message+Misfortune. There is a strong suggestion that a lengthy situation will not occur.

    Have any other ideas come to you about this layout? It’s fun to share.

  3. Well since your asking…….

    Your take on the 4th column starting with the love card ending with widow is bang on. Our relationship started like a dream come true and we fell hard for each other however, I had many tragedies happen in my life from the early start of the relationship and it affected me in a way that imposed a hostile attitude on our relationship via my angry and depressed state of mind. He has been hurt by my actions of cold shoulders and silent treatments thus my penalty today of no communication for 81/2 months. I am alone. (Widow) Beside the widow card is the constancy card and in a diagonal line up the malady and then the lover and then misfortune card. I feel strongly that this is pointing to the fact that the lover is ill with a disease that is not life treating but incurable and much help is needed for him to get well. Also he will need the help of his doctor to gain
    wellness (officer card).

    Also the bottom row starting with the constancy card the thought and fidelity describes my state of mind and my state of heart as I am always (in the back of my mind) waiting for him and I will be faithful in my waiting for as long as it takes because I feel destined to be with him (can’t explain it, too long) I stand by my word. “ if its not going to be him then it wont be anyone. I believe he feels the same way too just not willing to let down his guard again just yet.

    there is more and i will write more later.

    thanks again friend.


  4. Hi Melle,

    The Malady card can point to an illness. Sometimes Malady + Officer is a representation of someone working in the medical field…. it would makes sense since the Officer does deal with professionalism.

    I have mixed feelings about the Malady card -there is a duality within this card. It suggests a physical condition or a state of mind as well. You might know or be suspecting that the Lover “is ill with a disease that is not life treating but incurable and much help is needed for him to get well.”

    The Misfortune + Malady cards fall in the upper horizon of the line that holds the Sweetheart card. Many readers of the Zigeuner or even Lenormand who use the full board of 36 cards would read this influence as something in the process of existing in the future over which we have little control over. Also, the cards beneath the Sweetheart to the right of her are influences that come into the future sphere but there is more choice involved.

    Usually the Ecclesiastic makes it’s appearance close to the Malady/Misfortune cards when there is a serious condition.

    The Constancy + Thought cards reflect your unwavering devotion (in your heart/mind). The majority of the hardship cards lie in the past (to the left of the Sweetheart), the worst is behind you as far as any struggles you have had.

    The very last card “Money” is indicative of a possible resolution or outcome. It is a card “of receiving” and “gain”. As I said in the post it is not always money. the Gift card is another card “of receiving”. I think you will enter a receiving cycle with this situation.

    The cards surrounding the Fidelity card are good even though the Malady card touches it. But it’s influence is to the left (behind) even though it is in the future lines. The cards in that line end on a positive note.

    Also, the Malady touches the Sweetheart heart showing fatigue of the mental process (Thought). This reading is exceptional and can be very detailed. For you to read the cards would make more sense as you can relate to the meanings and because you have a solid understanding of these cards already. The intention of my post was not to read these cards in-depth because it would have been a very very lengthy post and I wanted to only demonstrate some possibilities of interpretation.

    I have found that people lose interest – call it information overload. But doing posts using blocks of cards is more useful to the readers of the posts.

    A full board reading can take over an hour to do, face to face. I have read that Madame Lenormand sometimes took 4 hours to read a full board of 36 cards using the Lenormand deck which are really not that greatly different from the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten.

    When I review my own full board, I leave it spread out for a few days sometimes. Each time I come back to it, I “see” a new possibility.

    I am respectful of your feedback. Let’s continue our dialogue. Take care.

  5. *******information discovered********

    In the above cards there is marriage and falseness next to the lover card…..well i just found out that He has been seeing the “friend” who i feel is my ENEMY for the last 5 or 6 months and not saying any thing about it to anyone about it. Lucky me while shopping the other day a woman who knew about the situation came up to me and told me about their dating each other. I was heart broken, however this is what has prompted the lover and myself to talk again (so far) I hope that the MISFORTUNE card that you see is an ending for their fling as it has come from a place of lies and conveinance. Not that i want bad things for any one but i do want our relationship to work out as i have already stated.

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