Tarot Delineation

Simple 5 card layout

I am using the Radiant Rider-Waite® deck to illustrate this reading.

The question I am asking the cards is, “what is it that I need to know about the next few months”? A fairly easy question to ask even though it is general but I’m sure the cards will tell me exactly what I am suppose to know. The key is to do an objective interpretation.

I was surprised to see 4 cups cards out of 5. I half expected to see the Tower 😛 as the 1st card.


Basis – the question. 9 of cups.

Here we have the traditional wish card. My question was connected to my heart and probably somewhere in the back of my mind, I was wishing to find out if I would secure another job. This card also shows a completion on an emotional level. Most likely the Tarot is telling me that I am just one huge feeling walking around and not applying action to anything.

What you know – the recent. 2 of cups.

Another cup card suggesting the blending of an emotional state or situation. It’s a card of cooperation or compromise between 2 people. The card is telling me that I already know that I need to work with others and did up until recently (thanks to the Tower’s bolt in the butt).

Also, because this spot is the past it would indicate that I am involved in a joint venture as well. Tossing ideas back and forth with another individual.

What you are not seeing. Page of Pentacles.

I am not seeing the message of this Page. What is the message suggested by the page staring into the pentacle? It looks like a crystal ball. Well the bottom line is that it is important not to lose the vision of generating income again. The Page also suggest there are ways to make a financial vision a reality.

The card can be suggesting that there is news coming. It is the unknown influence at the time of the shuffle. Of course I cannot see this right now, but the cards can. Are the cards telling me this because I need to know information is on it’s way.

OK, it’s 21 cups against 1 single pentacle. 😛 which represents The World Card…and that is the hidden guidance of the Major Arcana. This type of deduction doesn’t always work but in this case, it fits in quite nicely. The Page of Pentacles carries the world in his hand. And this means most things are in my own hands. By applying focused passion (cups) anything is possible.

The guidance of The World card is all about rebirthing….the beginning of a new lifestyle. This card also represents an entire season or cycle or Karmic life time. We just entered the Spring season on March 20th. It can take up until the beginning of summer to experience the blessings of the result card…a few months down the road.

Advice to follow – 7 of cups.

This card is telling me to focus and to chose a direction. There are too many emotional ideas floating around and it’s a matter of deciding on one of the cups. I sometimes read this card to mean daydreaming of sorts but as an advice card it wouldn’t be practical advice. But without dreams there are no ideas. There is lots of positive potential which can be experienced through the creative visualization process which is hinted at in the 7 of cups.

The result– 3 of cups.

A group project or team effort is suggested. The 3 of cups indicates a happy conclusion. The outcome is one of celebration and the return of high energy emotions within the next few months.

I want to read this card to mean the merging of the doubting personalities within to get to the point of picking one of those cups in the previous card and holding on to it. I see the “me, myself and I” coming together in a dance of joy.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Delineation

  1. Hi Madame SQ-
    I really like your blog!
    One thought that occured to me with the Page of Pentacles, is that maybe you’re not seeing yet that there is something you need to learn yet (become the student for a bit?)and that that piece of the puzzle will bring new options and joy.
    Just a thought!

    Keep up the great work!
    best wishes,

  2. Thank you SpiritSong for your comment and compliment. It always gives me a warm feeling when I get comments such as yours.

    I agree with you about the Page of Pentacles card suggesting that I may need to or will learn “something”.
    Being surrounded by so many cups, the Page could have a chance, 😛 , at remaining grounded even though the cups are surrounded him. Even if that be the case, the core meaning -to learn & study is in there somewhere 😛

    Thanks for your insight. Madame SQ

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