Game of Prophecy

Last night I had a very exciting and stimulating game of Scrabble with a friend of mine. Both of us came up with 7 letter words while being under the influence of the full Moon in Libra. We get together usually once every 7-10 days to share in conversations and to fuel our passion for word games.

I was gifted with a game called Prophecy co-created by Roy Worley and Robert Sharpe. I have not tried the game yet but plan to very soon as in later tonight. 🙂 Oh goodie another treat to add to my collection. Thanks Kirk!This game combines Astrology, Tarot and Numerology. There are 21 cards in total and 21 different areas (houses) of life.

The Houses

On the board which is included in the game there are 21 houses. They include 9 major areas of life that most people are concerned with such as Destiny, Surprises, Challenges, Business, Life, Love, Finances, Self and Focus. The other houses are the 12 zodiac signs in Astrology. 1prophecy.jpg

The Cards

The deck consists of 12 Tarot cards and 9 number cards. The Tarot cards are based in Egyptian themes. There is a good sized instructional booklet included consisting of 75 pages. Each number and card is explained.

If you go to the Mystical Ship website you can try out this game. You will hear Roy do a 1 card reading. Really cool to hear what he has to say which is much more detailed than what is contained within the instruction booklet. Reading using the Prophecy game will be detailed in a following post

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History of Egyptian Tarot Decks

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