Visiting Lenormand

It’s time write a post about the Lenormand cards. Actually I have saved a reading but kept it hidden until I was ready to publish it. You know that Post Status option on the right side called “private” using WordPress is really helpful when you are in midstream of a topic.

In the image you can see the last 4 columns of a reading using the full board.


The Gentleman is in the bottom left hand corner and the reading is for a male. The Lady card is not within these 16 cards and this means that she will not play a significant role in his life for the next several months. Well not in a role that would require additional attention on his part.

The cards above the Gentleman are, starting at the top – Mountain, Whip and Clouds. This male has definitely got some heavy duty issues weighing down on him. He facing delays and challenges in his life. Recently he has had a discussion or conversations that was heated and not harmonious. The Gentleman has been arguing or disagreeing with someone about a certain circumstance or situation.

Maybe that is the reason the Lady card isn’t in the future. It could be her and maybe they broke up (the Scythe is missing as well in the remaining cards suggesting future influences).

In the row of the Gentleman the cards are, Stars, Stork and Rider. What is ahead of this male is a time of adjustments and change closely connected to his wishes and thoughts. There is strong evidence of some news coming in that will indicate further loss (Mouse card above Rider). The news is on it’s way.

The cards above the Rider are, from top to bottom, Bouquet, Dog and Mouse. Ahh there is a darker haired female friend that is connected to the Gentleman in the future. If you read the diagonal line the Gentleman and Bouquet are separated by the Ship and Moon cards. Could this be a romantic get-away filled with intense emotions and attraction?

The last card in the top row is the Bouquet (dark haired female). The cards behind her are, Mountain, Key and Fish. She is looking back into the layout of cards. The card next to her shows a financial matter around her and she just might offer our Gentleman a solution to his current dilemma through her connections with a fair haired older gent.

This trip (ship) will be costly (mouse) and the Gentleman will spend (bear) more than he should. He really does not a have a choice in the matter (all the card are above the row he is in). If there were cards beneath his row then there would be at a choice in the matter.

I usually read the Fox card to represent a work related situation. Sometimes I will use it as a character description.

The Rider is the last card in the bottom right hand corner. In the diagonal line the cards behind him are, Mountain, Fox, Moon and Bear. In this particular Lenormand deck the Rider is facing to the left and looking back towards the Gentleman.

The news that the Rider is bringing involves some of challenges weighing the Gentleman down. Most likely a career or work involvement which is not likely to succeed due to the opposition of power. He is in a weak position (bear & mouse= depletion of energy or position).

These are some of the things that should be going through your mind before you even open up your mouth to tell the person anything about the reading. You can merge everything into a gradual story or theme.

It has to be a smooth segue (without much interruption). You can probably see many other meanings in this layout as well but it is important to remember to keep on topic and use that which is most likely applicable to the person sitting in front of you getting the reading done.




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