Interesting afternoon of Cards

I woke up in a rather sluggish mood but it didn’t last too long because I was all revved up for the afternoon appointments. I experienced a sudden surge of energy propelling me into an excited mood as I gathered up my cards & clearing feather heading out to read for a group of ladies.Why the feather? I clear my own energy and the person I read to promote a lighter electromagnetic field. It is part of my ritual. 🙂 Instead of using sweet grass or smudging stick I use a feather. Have you ever talked to someone and you feel really drained? This is because the electromagnetic field is contaminated with negativity.

During the reading the first lady was very quiet [type #1] and staring at me intensely. There was so much information coming at me that I took longer to piece it all together. I felt like I was listening to 5 radio stations at the same time. After the reading we reviewed some things in her life that she volunteered to tell me. Well no wonder I felt how I did, her life was total confusion. Almost everything I said fit in.

The second lady’s reading was more direct, meaning I was not bombarded with information all at the same time. When it came to the part of me asking if there were any questions, which she had several and I found myself repeating what I had already told her [type #2]. This tells me that the person was either nervous or not able to comprehend what I said in relation to what was going on. That was OK because I wanted her to feel comfortable. Also I did additional shorter layouts with her to ask the same question that I already answered, lol.The third lady was one of these who was constantly chatting with me while I was trying to talk. I do not like this mainly because I can’t pay attention to her attentively while trying to open myself up to channel information.I soon realized that she was type #3 – had a need to confide things to get it all off her chest. So I paid attention and listened to her speak of the difficulties she was experiencing. This lady needed confirmation about choices she already made and not about choices she should be making. At that point I knew that this session would be only the specific question-answer layouts.

Type #4 is a person who listens to you during the reading session but also asks clarification questions. This way there is usually no questions after the sitting has ended. {there was no type #4 lady today}

I write major things down in point form, haphazard scribbling you could say. This afternoon sessions were mainly intuitive because I only scanned the cards. I was bouncing off the wall when I was done. I would akin it to being slightly intoxicated. Actually my estimated time for all the sessions ran way over the time I alloted. In lieu of the fact I traveled a fair distance and did additional layouts I was satisfied with my overall performance and ability to quickly categorize the lady’s into the 4 types [a system I developed several decades ago]. This is a helpful when determining your role as a reader.

And yes I rate myself. I do an assessment in 3 areas.1. I rate- how quickly I was able to capture the message (topic) of cards. 2. I rate -the speed of my Clariaudient receptiveness. 3. I rate -determining the character type the person is.TOP

oops I’m having some minor editing issues again using Safari

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