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I received a question in the comments section regarding the interpretation of the Gipsy-Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten fortune telling cards in the layout order below. I will share the analysis of these cards using the 8-card spread. Also, applicable to the Art Deco fortune telling cards.

Row# 1 Lover,Widower, Sadness,hope

Row #2 Loss, Misfortune, house, merriment

My question was;What are “J’s” feelings for me?“J” is my love interest, we have dated in a very up and down relationship for 4 years. He’s hurt and angry with me and has asked for us to not speak until he’s ready. (its been 8 months) .Whats your take on this?


.The Reading.

The interpretation that I am about to do is based on the placement of the 8 cards. This simple layout is easy to follow. I will use my suggested key words & phrases from the TAB at the top of the head called Card Meanings

Row #1 -20. LOVER= The special man for a female seeker of the cards. Represents the male getting the reading. If there is no one special currently -a male friend, brother. In the future spot predicts the potential of a love affair.

36.WIDOWER= A lonely and sad man. A situation that must be accepted. Pining over loved one.

28. SADNESS= Tears of pain. Upsetting time. Very depressed. Under the weather. This shall pass, a temporary state of mind.

12. HOPE= Believing in a positive outcome. All is possible through faith.

Row #2- 18. LOSS= It’s a no-go. Money issues. A break-up in a relationship. Betting against the odds & losing.

25. MISFORTUNE= A card of warning. Potential mishap or freak circumstance. Expect the unexpected.

13. HOUSE= The environment you live in. A project. Members of the family

24. MERRIMENT= Having a good time. Feelings of pleasure from entertainment. Attending a function where there is much joy and laughter.

Summary. The Lover card represents “J” the love interest. The Loss card indicates the break up or rift. The Widower card points to the feelings of grief due to this separation. I chose to used the Sadness cards to represent female in this case because of it’s proximity to the House card -hitting home.

The Misfortune card describes the emotional chaos because of the situation around J and how it possibly affects the female. There is strong evidence that a reunion will occur (Merriment & Hope). The feelings of grief or sadness depicted by the cards will be overcome despite the 8 months wait.

Believe or not within the Misfortune card is a ray of hope, too. Look at the firemen…help is on it’s way to the resolution of this situation. The lady in the Hope card is throwing the roses of passion into the water. This means the relationship needs to be let go -in order for it to come back. I think conversations will resume in this relationship once the emotional intensity has been minimized. Release the roses of emotional passion.

Like the saying, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was yours. If it doesn’t, it was never yours to begin with.”

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5 thoughts on “Request from comments section

  1. Thanks, so much!

    Very good news! indeed! I love him to bits and Its a painful wait for myself with the hope that he will come calling again sooner than later. Tick Tock Tick Tock !I

    hugs to you!

  2. here I am again with a new spread request.

    I have a tarot deck but also the Gipsy Zigeuner deck, (my fave). I am doing a card journal to help myself learn what I’m reading and it allows for some reflection. I have a large spread that I did for my self with no particular question in mind. However my mind and heart are totally and completely unconsciously preoccupied by my love inertest and our outcome. Here is my spread.
    Row #1 ecclesiastic, unexpected joy, enemy, love, journey, falseness, message, misfortune

    Row #2 anger, letter, sadness, fortune, baby, marriage, lover, jealousy,

    Row #3 merriment, death, visit, hope, sweetheart, malady, officer, gift

    Row# 4 judge, widower, house, widow, constancy, thought, fidelity, money

    My take on this is unclear I want to read parts of the cards because they make sense to me but others I’m confused about. Perhaps its because I know my own situations in some areas and not in others. Help and input would be wonderfully appreciated! Feedback on where a good place to start is something I would like to know about because some things I’ve read suggest to start on the top left side and read to the right as in past, present future. Others have suggested top row is past 2nd row is present 3rd row is near future and 4th is distant future.
    Uggggg, is there rules to follow or should I just fly by the seat of my pants?



  3. Hi Melle,

    I will study your cards and do a “post on how to interpret the large board (36) using the Zigeuner” which is one of my favorites, too.

    Keep checking back and you will see the Reading within the next several days.

    I will do the actual post in a tutorial manner explaining the suggested meanings and offer tips in merging the cards into a “theme” or “topic”.

    The post will be called “Comments: Melle’s Zigeuner layout”

    Madame Seaqueen

  4. ****HERES AN UPDATE*****

    Well after a long awaited conversation it seems for now he is starting to talk to me again with A LOT of caution but its a step in the right direction. I can hardly contain my thanks for him comming back into my life again. So far so good.

    Do you belive in destiny? and if you do, how do you find out what your destiny is?

    ie, I was told once by a reader that “J” is destin to be my husband and that we are to have 2 childern and so on…… there really a way to know this?

    Anyways so far you interpertation of this spread is looking like its comming true.

    thank you again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

    (man am I glad you see things that I could not)

  5. Hi Melle,

    Nice to hear from you. The great thing about the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck is that there is a higher probability for accuracy. I have found that even though there could be several interpretations the core essence is always there. I don’t know if other readers of this deck feel the same way but it really depends how deep the relationship is with the deck that is being used.

    I wanted to mention to you, in case you have not read another comment from SpiritSong where she references some advice in your direction. Here is the link and it is comment #3

    I am happy for you that you are talking to J. Sometimes “we all” have to watch the shaving off of some external circumstances by just watching & waiting.

    Have faith. Madame Seaqueen.

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