The Tarot FOOL – Part 2/2

The FOOL card continues it’s journey bringing some influences of the planet Uranus to the designated Houses around the Astrological Wheel. Uranus disrupts but also adds excitement.

The image shown belongs to the Tarot of the New Vision deck & is displayed for the purpose of understanding some of the suggested meanings.

HOUSE 7 – relationships, partnerships, marriage. The FOOL in this spot indicates that the partner whether the relationship is legalized or not will certainly be highly creative and independent. It would be hard to pin this person down and the attitude would lean towards little emotional commitment. Many times there is a legal situation that would involve a high risk and most likely not be favorable.
HOUSE 8 – sex, inheritance, endings. There is a strong indication that additional monies will be forthcoming, mainly from the partner (s) or those who are in a position to give or lend. Sexual appetites are not ho-hum and there is a lust for adventure and experimentation. All things that end will be sudden and unexpected.
HOUSE 9 – long distant travel, higher education, philosophy. An interest in air travel either as a passenger or pilot. When this card represents foreign lands in relation to long distance travel the suggestion is globe trotting – just for the thrill of it. Old cultures would be a curiosity that can be a topic of study through workshops or lectures.
HOUSE 10 – career, reputation, ambitions. The person getting the reading done will not go unnoticed. They can achieve public acclaim but not necessarily for all the good that they do, more like what they didn’t do. This house also represents one of the parents (the one that was ambitious in their career). This parent probably was not able to establish a close bond because they were too busy. Issues with the mother are shown -she could be very eccentric.
HOUSE 11 – community, hopes, friendships. Unusual and exotic types of friendship surround this person. They belong to clubs or organization with a specific cause leaning towards the new age movement. Humanitarian issues are important and there will be involvements with people that aren’t the “norm” of society. The hopes and wishes would be futuristic. Strong spiritual bonds with friends.
HOUSE 12 – large institutions, subconscious, past life. The person would be employed in one of several large organizations such as schools, hospitals, military, corrections centers etc. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided or used in moderation because of the high susceptibility to energy from other realms. Whatever the chosen field of career choice is, will indicated the uncompleted lessons of the previous life before this incarnation. The person would have a fear of heights as this house rules phobias as well.

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