Courts of Astrology

  • The Skat, Tarot, Lenormand and Sibilla oracle cards

ARIES-fireHouse 1

– King of Clubs- King of Wands- CLOUDS, PROTECTOR (PROTETTORE)

TAURUS-earth-House 2

-Queen Diamonds, Queen of Pentacles-PATH, ANGRY WOMAN (DONNA COLERICA)

GEMINI air-House 3

-Jack of Spades, Page/Knight of Swords- CHILD, A DARK-HAIRED YOUNG MAN (UN GIOVANE BRUNO)

CANCER-water-House 4

-King of Hearts, King of Cups- HOUSE, PENSIONER (PENSIONATO)

LEO- fire-House 5

-Queen of Clubs, Queen of Wands- SNAKE, A SINCERE FRIEND (AMICA SINCERA)

VIRGO-earth-House 6

-Jack of Diamonds, Page/Knight of Pentacles- SCYTHE, THIEF (LADRO)

LIBRA-air-House 7

-King of Spades, King of Swords- LILY, LAWYER (UOMO DI LEGGE)

SCORPIO-water-House 8

-Queen of Hearts, Queen of Cups- STORK, TENDERNESS (TENEREZZA)

SAGITTARIUS-fire-House 9

-Jack of Clubs, Page/Knight of Wands- WHIP, FLATTERER (ADULATORE)

CAPRICORN-earth-House 10

-King of Diamonds, King of Pentacles- FISH, SOLDIER ( MILITARE)

AQUARIUS-air-House 11

-Queen of Spades, Queen of Swords- BOUQUET, A WIDOW (UNA VEDOVA)

PISCES-water-House 12

– Jack of Hearts, Page/Knight of Cups- HEART, VISIT (VISITA)

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