Tantric Dakini Oracle

Today I received the Tantric Dakini Oracle deck in the mail from a friend of mine who I have journeyed with throughout many lifetimes.  Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger [creator of cards] are the authors of the accompanying 244 page illustrated book. I have been aware of this card system for quite some time. I have controlled my urge to expand my card collection over the years. I decided to include certain decks mainly to use in accordance to my needs and the needs of the people requesting readings.It takes years to even attempt to fully master any system.

Many oracle decks are based in certain beliefs systems that perhaps we have not studied and to get any kind of understanding those systems need to be reviewed as well. Some people will use a system simply for the artistic beauty of the images and don’t care much about the background. As always it is a personal choice.It would be too premature of me to write any more details about these cards until I study them for a little while and actually do a layout. At which point I will share some of my findings.

But I couldn’t resist doing a one card draw to see what space I am in.

Isn’t this a gorgeous card? I love it!
Thoughts in the perfection of bubbles while surrounded by the waters of emotion 🙂

You can see 4 other cards from the Tantric Dakini Oracle deck at Penny’s website. Along with this card set I received a CD by Johnathan Goldman called Chakra Chants [which I love]. Jonathan participated in the world wide OM meditation on Valentine’s Day. If you click HERE you will be taken directly to his website where you can listen to parts of this CD.

I am excited to do a reading with these cards and will share this on an upcoming post. I believe that we are given “tools” at certain times in our lives to assist us in finding the answers we are seeking that are not necessarily of the physical plane.

Thanks Tushko.

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