The Tarot FOOL – Part 1/2

One of my favorite layouts to use is the Astrological Wheel. I think this spread gives you detailed information that covers area specifics about the dynamics of everyday life. You can use any deck of cards with this layout.The Tarot would provide an extensive reading in these specific areas.

I thought today I would concentrate on Key 0 The FOOL [planet association – Uranus] around the Astrological Wheel to share insights of what this card can mean in the 12 Houses. I am offering some suggestions but it is certainly not limited to what I have written.

The analysis will be in the present tense- stand alone reading which can be done as well. If you want to do a detailed reading it is better to use 3 cards in each House. The 1st is the past, the 2nd is the present and the 3rd the likely future outcome. In this case, you should allow yourself at least 1.5 hours because an enormous amount of information will be synthesized and it will be very helpful to the person getting the cards done.

HOUSE 1– outer personality, the body. The person you are reading will be in an unusual state of mind at the time of the reading. Maybe they have just colored their hair green – hey it happens. They can be going through a risky situation where there is insufficient planning. Freedom and independence could be an issue. Sometimes, there is a lack of responsible attitude which is preventing the person from having a mature approach to a problem or situation.
HOUSE 2- assets and values usually financial in nature. The spending habits are wasteful. The person may not want to accept the responsibilities associated with earning money. There is a very good chance that the income level is fluctuating and there is little security. Control is needed and a budget. Often there is a desire to purchase electrical items – Uranus rules electronics and mechanical items.
HOUSE 3 – the mind, siblings, short trips. This house is loaded with meanings. It takes a longer to figure out how and where the FOOL’s influence will take place. Travel would be on the spur of the moment. Expect the unexpected with relationships with brothers, sisters and even people in the neighborhood. Uranus gives a restless mind that works at a face pace. This person would have futuristic ideas.
HOUSE 4 – home environment, parents. Conditions in the home could be odd or eccentric. The furniture might be very old or completely modern. There is much going on and it is a busy place. People coming and going all the time. Unsettled conditions are shown for one of the parents – being away or having to go away. There could be issues with electrical items or equipment pertaining to the home.
HOUSE 5 – love, creativity, chance. This person would have a hard time settling down in a relationship because they need variety. The attitude would be unconventional in love matters. The level of creativity is high and hobbies could be quite bizarre or ahead of the times. An unplanned pregnancy could happen as well. In matters of luck there would be loss due to the high risk involved.
HOUSE 6 – everyday work, well being, small animals. An strange little animal could become a pet. The person well being is out of whack due to their inconsistent eating habits. There would be an appetite for junk food and foods that would appear to be uncommon. Work would be connected to computers or working with data, and numbers. Being so independent, jobs in the travel industry might be a consideration currently . This person keeps their emotional distant with the co-workers.

Spanish Tarot Español
[The image you see is displayed for the purpose of this post about The FOOL card. It belongs to the deck which is based on the Liguria-Piedmontese Italian deck,1736, made from woodblocks]

Part 2/2

The Tarot FOOL around the Astrological Wheel is continued in a following post.

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..Part 2/2..

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