Awaiting, anticipation, longing, recovery, being alone, retreating, preoccupation, anxiety, craving, searching for an answer, dissatisfied, immobilized, yearning, Astrology, lack of interest, emotionally needy, day dreaming, making a wish, contemplation, low self-image, asking for Universal guidance

The Zigeuner DESIRE card
– shows the back view of a woman looking out a window while holding back the drapes.

The Biedermeier DESIRE card
– depicts a woman sitting by a desk gazing out a window. She looks desperately hopeful.

The Art Deco ARDENT DESIRE card
– shows a woman lying in bed fully clothed propped up by a pillow. On her nightstand is a mirror and some flowers.

The card shows a female looking out a window. In the sky is a star. In her hand she holds a rose.
When the DESIRE card comes up in a layout it will emphasize what is being wished for. It is the wish card. On it’s own it is neutral. Not all wishes are positive and not all people wishing are positive.

As with all the cards the symbolism is within the image. To wish is to have a strong feeling or want of something or someone. It can be a precursor to jealousy. The essence of the DESIRE card is the feeling you get when you visualize yourself in a peaceful environment when in actuality you live in constant noise from overbearing personalities in your home. What you wish for is missing in your life. Wishing is negative when you want someone or something out of spite or ill feelings-
 it can become obsessive & a preoccupation .
It becomes an unhealthy motive to wish upon a star.


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