Reversed Tarot cards

When I use the Tarot deck I reverse a few of them during my shuffle. I feel that if these reversals show up in the layout they are of greater significance. There are traditional upright and reversal meanings assigned to each of the 78 cards.This can become a challenge to memorize as the upright meanings take years of study to totally comprehend. There are various viewpoints on the upside down cards and what they mean to the individual card reader.

Three of my choice authors on the reversals are Mary K. Greer [The complete book of Tarot Reversals] and Anthony Louis [Tarot, Plain and Simple]. Also, Joan Bunning [Learning the Tarot] who also offer a free on line course. One must remember that each author brings their own special insights into the writings that we read.You may have a totally different perception or angle on the reversed cards.

Depending if you rely heavily on the imagery of the deck you are using or if you are guided by the traditional core meanings, the interpretations will be of vast differences.Each card has the energy of the lesson assigned to it, particularly the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana is the channel of 4 worlds through which we experience the Majors.

It is a personal choice if you use your deck strictly upright.

Normally, I reverse 3 cards. If they do not come up in the reading, usually the Celtic cross, after I am done my analysis I will find the reversals in the discarded pile of cards and remove them. Then I proceed to study them in their reversed positions. To me, this means I need to address these cards. I find it very helpful to further understand the Celtic cross reading. Many times the solutions or answers are within the cards that were reversed during the time of shuffle.

Some of the cards maintain their original meanings and the experience is lessened or reduced. This would be a good thing with the cards of challenge and difficulty. When they are cards of positive and uplifting meanings, the reversals will not alter them that much, as a rule. The Courts are an exception to this rule.

Many readers believe that there are enough cards suggesting hardships and setbacks within the 78 that no further meanings are needed. I think that a reversed card will reflect an inner process you are going through and maybe you are not looking at all the positive associations of the card in it’s upright position. It is a matter of the state of mind at the time of the reading. Many people think that they are without at least a trace of negativity and fear.

I do believe that the cards will reflect our fears as well and tell us what will unfold when we continue to be in that frame of mind [even if it is slightly negative]. When this happens, it is important to ask yourself some serious questions. If a lighter more positive energy produces results that are generally favorable, then heavier more negative energy will contribute to a not so favorable outcome.

This is precisely why readings are fluid.

Personally I think it best not to seek the guidance of the cards when you are emotionally unbalanced, as you should not drive a vehicle either …. but we all do, anyways.


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