Shustah reading

I wanted to post this very, very interesting 3 card Pages of Shustah© reading that I did this morning. It seems to me many people have their jobs on their mind or are wanting a change.

Veronica is still waiting for an answer. And I think the clarification card, RED -Little Foxes was most likely the key to that entire trio. “The real question is whether or not Veronica is really in a position whereby she would be considered for this employment opportunity despite her previous experience. I also get the feeling that this situation has “a curve ball” which I suspect is fast approaching perhaps within the week. For the most part the cards’ energies are good”. With that situation there is still a lot of red tape.

I got a call from a Sandie asking if she will land the job that she was being interviewed for before lunch time. She said it felt like the interviewing process went well.

I asked the cards on her behalf and studied them for quite some time. I had no RED cards which was a good sign, that would have been a red flag right off the bat.

I meditated prior to drawing each of the 3 cards, focusing on her question, “will I get the job?”. The colors were good.

GREEN- journey. BLACK – Gemini. BLUE- Child and the Puppy

My analysis of these cards shows much indecision which is confirmed by #3 Gemini. The Child and the Puppy gave me a feeling that she might have bitten off more than she could chew. In other words, maybe she did not have enough experience to land this job. #8 journey pointed to some travel or least progress which would have been the travel to another city for a second interview.

As it turned out, she did not get the position which we found out close to supper time. She was to get a telephone call at 4:30 with the answer if a second interview was in order. I suggested she call them, so that she did not worry or fantasize about this “dream” job over the weekend.

Sandie was very disappointed. The reason she did not get the job was because the “boots” the little girl is wearing she could not fill. Those “boots” symbolized the education degree that was mandatory for that job. Despite all the good references she had & exceptional experience, the interviewer’s hands were tied. He had to follow company policy.

Phooey, Phooey, on them, they broke the little girls heart and yes I bet she went home and cuddled her dog. 🙂

I went ahead and asked the Tarot cards and the probable outcome was 9 of Swords and the outcome was 9 of Cups. Basically, complete opposites. I was almost certain her wishes would come true regarding this job opportunity. I told Sandie not to give up because the materialization of the “wish card” will still happen but at a later time. Right now she is experiencing the 9 of Swords. The other cards in the Celtic cross supported the 9 of Cups, more so than the 9 of Swords…..and that is a topic for a whole other post.


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