5 of Pentacles revisited

1971 Rider deck

I think that the 5 of Pentacles is one of those cards you would rather not see in a layout falling in a future spot or as the outcome especially when asking about your finances or love.

I have seen this card come up as the answer when someone was asking about a relationship. In that case it strongly suggested that the people involved would be experiencing emotional hardship. Often it meant that they just were not on the same page as far as their objective in which direction the relationship should be going. Many times it would indicate that they are not seeing all the good things they do have [symbolized by the stained glass window]. These day many people stay together because they have a common bond. Maybe both are unemployed or feeling the weight of financial difficulties. As they say like attracts like.

I read this read to mean lack or loss of faith whether you are wondering about love, money, work or well being. Often there is a focus on lack or what is missing. The stained glass window suggests spiritual strength.

The snow in the card is the inability to release tears. The 2 characters look hard done by but continue to walk to the right side of the card – the future. When I am looking for deeper guidance I sit with my original 1971 Rider deck that has seen thousands of readings. I prefer the simplicity of Pamela Coleman’s artwork when I really need to get inside myself to hear the message of the cards- the core teachings.

What does the 5 of Pentacles Reversed mean? If you notice in the 2nd image the solid white snow of the ground is the sky now. It sheds light on the 2 individuals in the cards. The stained glass window has become a portal or doorway and the pentacles are within reach. The walking sticks of the one person are no longer needed to lean on.

The pentacles are inverted signify a powerful occult symbol used in rituals. I choose not to attach any Satanist significance to this but I thought I would mention that point. I think it can depict the power of overcoming hardships by inverting one’s thinking in relation to a situation that appears to lack control.

I do believe that an unhealthy attitude towards any situation will lead to a person to being powerless or a victim. The characters are victims in the upright position of the card. And even though there is comfort behind the stained glass window of FAITH, they choose not to see it. When the card is reversed, they are not walking under the window but more or less they are above it. This means that the FAITH has returned and is within them or the situation.

When the Reversed 5 of Pentacles comes up in a reading – it is a reminder to lift up your head and know there is a way out. Things will get better and improve. If there are a predominance of negative cards this card will suggest that the person has misplaced their trust into a lost cause. When the remainder of the cards are uplifting this card will promise better days ahead.

You just have to keep on going because when the midpoint of change has been reached there is no turning back. Adjustments need to be made as with anything that has a birth [ace] and completion [9] leading to transformation [10].



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