Additional Shustah insights

It was upon the suggestion of Mary Hawkins [professional Tarot consultant of Soulscape Tarot] that I delve a little further into the Shustah© layout by adding the numbers of the cards. I have done this from time to time and the thought didn’t even cross my mind until Mary reminded me.

I thought it a great idea and so what I did was pull all the 10’s from the Shustah© deck.

I will copy what I wrote in the comments section in my reply.

Maybe the 10’s have some hidden message.
Here it goes….

The green 10 means “written work, communication concerning work.

The red 10 is the sacred mushroom – a card of psychic exchange, listening to the inner voice.

The yellow 10 are the coins of increase indicating financial gain.

The blue 10 are the stars suggesting a favorable business outcome.

Wowzer. Those 4 cards do point to a favorable outcome. Thanks for the suggestion.

Oh actually 5 – 10’s I forgot to factor in the sign of Capricorn – 10th house of career.

The information attained from the 10’s indicates a high probability of positive news. In my next post I will discuss the Tarot 2 of Cups + The Moon. These two cards have been making their appearance in the Celtic cross since the lightning of the 👿 TOWER card hit 😕 Seaqueen in the head, lol.


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