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First of all, I want to thank everyone for their supportive comments regarding the hit of the TOWER card. It’s nice to know that there are readers out there who took the time to write comforting words. Thanks 🙂

I reached for my Pages of Shustah© deck to see what lies ahead. The question on my mind was, “will I find another job within 2 weeks?” I used this time frame so that I could cross reference at a later date. I felt that I would receive profound guidance whether the time frame of 2 weeks was answered or not.

To my surprise I pulled all YELLOW cards. Well, thank goodness they weren’t RED.

The YELLOW suit is filled with the promise of creativity, gain and spiritual awareness (as described in Anne Manser + Cecil North accompanying book). To me, this color reminds me of optimism, brightness, sunshine and potential.

Here are the 3 cards that I drew while meditating on my question.


YELLOW 12 [ golden horse] YELLOW 3[butterflies] YELLOW 13[angel of autumn]

Please click on the names of the cards for more detailed information on these cards on Rev Foor’s

Daily Reading & Meditation wonderful blog.

Card #1 – this card represents “why” the question on the mind of the person who is doing the 3 card draw reading is asked. I have drawn the Golden Horse. This particular horse is a winner. It also depicts a spiritual lesson that has been learned through the acceptance of the loss of job. Mind you it took me several days to digest everything so that I do not have any negativity associated with it. It was easy to lash out and blame some of the people involved. But, that is not the answer for my Highest Good. When you point the finger at someone or something – you are really pointing the finger at yourself. And that is were the process begins.

Card #2 – this card indicates the actual situation or problem surrounding the question. I drew the Butterflies. This card suggests things of a brief or temporary nature. I suppose it means that the job condition ended because there was no real foundation. Interestingly, that concept has been confirmed by the Tarot as well. Change is one of the keywords for the butterflies, here and there and everywhere. Butterflies don’t stay in one spot too long but they sure are beautiful. Is there some beauty is this entire process?

Card #3- typically the outcome or result card. I selected the Angel of Autumn. I would have rather seen another card in this spot because it has the message that during the autumn is a time frame to consider. That is very far away… and I cannot wait that long. This card also suggest lack of interest. I hope that does not mean it is me who has lost the interest. Maybe 2 weeks is too soon to find a job. Could it be that I will become involved in some other projects that do not come under the classification of “job”. You can be productive and work & it is not necessarily at a job. Somehow I see job connected to getting a paycheck and work as receiving other rewards that can produce income but not in the traditional way. Hey, I am just tossing some ideas around while interpreting this card.

It could be that I have lost interest or am apprehensive because there was a breach of trust during this loss of job process. I know deep in my heart that you only feel hurt when you become very attached to something or someone….ahhh, now I know what the butterflies mean in this reading. Funny, how answers come as you go through the process of delineation.

The butterflies are saying to let it go and not to be attached or to hold on to what happened. To move on and quickly. The Angel of Autumn is pointing to the release – loss of interest in the attachment. Hmmm this feels right.

If I were to answer my own question based on this layout, it would not be the promising “yes” which I initially thought after seeing 3 yellow cards. But the Angel is looking to the right and that is the direction of the future. And the Golden Horse is facing to the right…. the race has been won but there will be another race- to win. Time for preparations first…a horse does not race without adequate rest & nourishment.

When I meditate on the Butterflies card a little further. I get the feeling that I am suppose to observe the cycles which is sort of confirmed in the last card which is the season of autumn.

What is the advice of the Pages of Shustah© ? To release any energy surrounding the question of finding another job. I have passed the test & learned the lesson. Not to look back in disdain. It is all just a temporary situation.

To hold on to the strength of Archangel Michael’s wings rather than the fragile wings of the Butterflies.



3 thoughts on “Pages of Shustah(c) advice

  1. Hi Seaqueen,

    I had a thought. Your cards add up to 28 (12 + 3 + 13 = 28) and 28 reduces to 10 (2 + 8 = 10). I often look at the cards that represent the reduced numerical values of the spread to gain additional information. Maybe Shustah(c) cards 28 and 10 can give you more insight? Just a thought….


  2. Hi MaryHawk,

    That’s a great idea. I factor numerology into some of the readings when I can or when I face a neutral answer to a question. Unfortunately the Shustah deck does not have a #28 but there are 4- #10’s. It is divided into 5 colors, red, yellow, green, blue and black (the astrological signs).

    Maybe the 10’s have some hidden message.
    Here it goes….

    The green 10 means “written work, communication concerning work.
    The red 10 is the sacred mushroom – a card of psychic exchange, listening to the inner voice. The yellow 10 are the coins of increase indicating financial gain. The blue 10 are the stars suggesting a favorable business outcome.

    Wowzer. Those 4 cards do point to a favorable outcome. Thanks for the suggestion.

    The Tarot 2 of cups and the Moon have appeared repeatedly in the Celtic cross since that day the Tower hit, lol. My gut is telling me that energies are waiting to settle into the appropriate situations in the Universe that surrounds my auric extension.
    I think I will do a post on that combo because it may be useful information to learn by.

    Any feelings on that combo?


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