Symbolon guidance

Time to ask the Symbolon deck this question, “why am I experiencing this abrupt ending to my job?”

Interesting, look at all the fire in the 1st two cards and then snow in the last one. By doing this reading I am sharing something very personal about my current process.

As always any images of cards are used to illustrate the topic of the post & in this case, especially the magnificent artwork of the Symbolon. Special thanks to Peter Orban/Ingrid Zinnel/Thea Weller.


1symb.jpgCard #1 ABORTION page 42 in the booklet.

How eerie! The situation of the question – selling my soul to the enemy. Smack dab in the middle of darkness. Surrounded by the shadows (remember the Devil card post) in order to find the light.

2symb.jpgCard #2 SEDUCER page 31 in the booklet.

Spook me out, or what! The process getting out of the situation – More about shadows and the underworld. Talks about reaching the light again. It is important to remain positive right now or I will attract the negative energy which usually attacks you when you are weak & down. WOW this experience is some powerful lesson.3symb.jpg

Card #3 MOIRA page 100 in the booklet.

Fate. Hmmm. Karmic condition ended. This last card is usually the answer or outcome to the question – the booklet says that now I have become Moira. I have gained a special knowing through this experience. The wisdom I will gain is the “why” I am experiencing this abrupt ending to my job.

“But what is the wisdom”, Madame Seaqueen asks herself.

And the answer I see within the last card is resourcefulness & preparation for the changes in the season of this experience. The snow is melting and this means I will need to allow myself to thaw out from rubbing elbows with the shadow of this journey that took me into the dark places that are depicted by cards 1 & 2.Do I feel any better about things? This reading has strongly reinforced what I already mentioned in the other post.

Was I spared from something potentially worse or did I get a reminder of who is really in charge?


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2 thoughts on “Symbolon guidance

  1. I somehow “stumbled” upon your blog. We both know nothing happens without just cause.
    I immediately felt the need to tell you to acknowledge that “I’ve now learned this lesson.” Then allow that a true passion fill your time, like painting or a craft, canoeing, or any exercise, dance, writing, whatever it is that can envelop you and immerse you in a way meditation does but you must lovingly enjoy the process. The answer of where you are to go will materialize shortly after this. sometimes in days. sometimes while procuring the tools for your passion will you realize where you are headed. I fell intuitively it will likely benefit you and others. You have reached the light, and are out of the shadows. Pure Love to you, Linda

  2. Hi Linda,
    I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write your comment.
    I am meant to hear your insights to aid me through this process of re-discovery.
    Your words are a comfort to me.
    Thank you so much. SQ

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