Question for Pages of Shustah

Question for the Pages of Shustah© from Sandie.

“Will Sandie’s financial situation improve?”


Black 6 – Yellow 10 – Blue 9

VIRGO Black 6 is a card that rules health and work. Astrologically it is an Earth sign. In this card we see an angel kneeling with a cascade of stars at the top of the image. The 1st position usually describes the situation or the reason for the question. In this card there is a message that in order to improve the financial situation, there is work involved. A huge bag of money will not drop from the sky.

All is possible through realistic positive thinking and by applying some constructive energy a person can create the reality they are wishing for. As long as it is in keeping with the completed puzzle of the Universe.

GOLD COINS Yellow 10 – always a welcome site in a reading. The 2nd position can describe the “process” of the situation. This card promises financial increase which in turn will contribute to a healthier emotional state. There will be less energy spent on worrying and more on stretching the arms out to receive the shower of abundance.

BIG WISH Blue 9 – another highly positive card. The 3rd position reveals the outcome or result of the question. Typically this card means wishes fulfilled. What is desired the most is the manifestation of the positive attributions of the GOLD COINS card’s meaning.

I have an enormous amount of belief in the Pages of Shustah© ‘s accuracy. Without a doubt the answer is yes Sandie’s financial situation will improve….and perhaps in a way she isn’t expecting because when Mercury is involved (the ruler of Virgo) there is an element of speed.


Feb 20-UPDATE: Sandie won $335 at of all places a racetrack. I don’t think this is what Sandie had in mind when she was asking the Pages of Shustah© about a financial improvement. Nevertheless, the question posed was answered.


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