Simple Lenormand layout

Reply to Sufiyo from the Comments section

Rather than write my interpretation in the comments section. I haven’t done a brief Lenormand reading in a post for quite some time and this is a good opportunity to demonstrate the Simple layout as well.. 😀

“Sufiyo Says:
February 12, 2008 at 3:58 am

i got
past 10scythe, 8coffin, 34fish
now 36cross 31sun, 9bouquet
immediate 19tower 5tree 27letter
soon 4house 3ship 35anchor
would you please help me to find the meaning
Looking forward for a reply


l1.jpg 😀 First of all if you are doing the Simple layout your Significator card, Lady or Gentleman should be in the ‘YOU’ spot as shown on the diagram. I am a great believer in the fact that the cards are shuffled in the way that they are suppose to be regardless of instructions.

In this case there is no Significator card. It is unclear to me who this reading is for- that was not stated. I presume it is for Sufiyo since the comment starts with “i got”. But the “i got” could be for someone else.

The suggestions below are basic meanings and offered for educational and entertainment purposes.

The spot reserved for the Significator holds a wonderful positive card #31 Sun and I will use this card as the focus for this reading, namely one’s happiness.

past 10scythe, 8coffin, 34fish

The coffin card is the important one in the past column. It suggests a conclusion or ending of a situation which was brought on rather abruptly (scythe). As a result a financial situation (fish) has become important. Remember this is only one way to read the Lenormand. It also depends which deck is used. Just because the Lenormand are similar, it does not mean it is always an exact fit. Cards have their own personalities and they change somewhat when associated with other cards. A fair haired man depicted by the Fish card is very much involved in this situation of the recent past.

now 36cross 31sun, 9bouquet

The challenging time of the coffin/scythe are nearly over. It is in the finalization period (cross) at the current time. Happiness is around the corner and certain issues & situations will be a thing of the past once and for all. A financial situation (fish) will improve & grow. (bouquet) If we are talking about a fair haired man (fish), then he will once again be in a position of prominence.

immediate 19tower 5tree 27letter

Happiness will continue to grow (sun + tree) despite some feelings of alienation or loneliness (tower). There is some news on it’s way (letter) that is professional or formal in nature (tower). It could involve work or a job (anchor).

soon 4house 3ship 35anchor

The Ship suggests movement & growth (tree) in regards to the NOW card. Sometimes Ship + House means a change of location or residence. It looks like it is a good way to go. The Anchor indicates stability in things to come.

The Scythe, Coffin and Cross are in the passing stages- whatever the hardship was -it will no longer be.

3 thoughts on “Simple Lenormand layout

  1. I recently discovered this site and, as a beginner, find it very useful to understand the Lenormand cards. While I have been experimenting with the simple layout, I would like to ask about two cards that I find difficult to interpret: the garden and the birds.

    In this example, my question was related to our wish to move countries and what chances my husband would have to find a job abroad.
    I have
    past: cross – coffin – gentleman
    Now: snake – lady (me) – GARDEN
    Immediate: horseman – fish – anchor
    Soon: – lily – stars – BIRDS
    I find it quite difficult to find a meaning for these two cards in most questions, but in this particular case, they appear consistently. What would I have to look for in order to make sense of the whole reading? Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Dorah,
    Thanks for your comment and compliment.
    As I sometimes do – I post questions about the cards from the comments section on the blog. I will use your layout cards as a tutorial to demonstrate possible interpretations. I find this also helps others to learn.

    The analysis is only done to offer some suggestions and your own further study of the cards will reveal additional insights.
    Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Dear Madame Seaqueen,
    Thank you for your response. I read the Tarot for a few years now and thought that making the stap into another type of cards would not be too difficult. In fact, it is not that easy either! I used my personal example because it was laid out in front of me at the moment I wrote, but it has happened before when I did readings for friends: some cards just did not make sense to me either in relation to the other cards or to the question made. I find the way that you read the cards and decipher every aspect of the reading quite fascinating, but I still have a long way to get there! My guess is that I will have to continue studying the meaning of the cards, the combos and above all, my intuition when working with the Lenormand cards. Best regards.

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