Tarot of the New Vision guidance

I tend to ask the same question (previous post) using several decks that are non related in system. I find it very interesting to compare the readings after a certain time has lapsed. My main curiosity is in the manifestation process and which deck provides the most accurate interpretation.

The interpretation is lengthy but it is done to demonstrate what goes through my mind when reading these cards. I am using the Tarot of the New Vision in the traditional Celtic cross layout. This deck gives a different artistic slant to the cards and induces other feelings when using just the imagery. ( & keeping the core meanings in mind). I have shown two separate images below, the center cross and the staff.

Also, I reverse 3 cards while I shuffle. In this layout position 8 holds the Reversal energy of the 7 of Wands.tarotfeb10a.jpg

card 1. 2 Pentacles- duality in a financial situation. As a situation card it would suggest a choice between working at 2 jobs, or between 2 jobs. Veronica is currently working for a company but is creatively stifled. In the image you can see the sheep grazing in the background, with a bird of prey looming close by in the sky.

card 2. 8 Pentacles- learning of new skills. As the challenge or opportunity card I see this definitely as a positive influence in relation to the original question of returning to a previous work environment. The cards gives me a feeling of creative expansion through honing skills. It shows what is possible to achieve once you learn how to use the tools of the trade. The nearly finished sculpture in the background is proof of that.

card 3. – 7 Cups- emotional confusion. As the basis or foundation of this reading the 7 of cups suggests Veronica is letting her imagination get the better of her. She is dreaming of all the possibilities before her, however her emotions are scattered into various directions. Actually she is overwhelmed by the questions in her mind. The two females in the image are hoping or are in an apprehensive state – this can symbolize the process Veronica is going through.

card 4. – Knight of Pentacles. What has just happened and is still in the activation state. There is a work or money related opportunity at the beginning stages. The ox in the image symbolizes a slow but persistent energy. Things are moving but not quickly. The knight on the horse is staring at the pentacle in his right hand and is dressed in full armor ready for a financial fight. He is in a “pause” stage while reviewing his plans. He is not about to rush into anything……………..

card 5. – King of Pentacles. What is likely to manifest. This card can represent an actual male who is in a strong financial standing in society. This card sometimes represent career & work. In the image we see the back view of the King’s throne. He is overlooking the worker in the field. There are symbols of abundance (wines, grapes) in the foreground. The bird in the foreground is a stork indicating changes are happening behind the scenes.The fact that this King has appeared in the reading tells me that financial/career achievements can SUCCEED.

card 6. – 8 of Wands. The immediate future. The answer is heading towards Veronica, and really soon too. This spot generally is within a time frame of less than 6-8 weeks, most likely a few weeks. This is a card of speed and a rapid conclusion to the question Veronica is asking. The angel in the background is holding a spear. I get the feeling that the information is of a piercing or urgent nature that she will receive.tarotfeb10b.jpg


card 7. – 3 of Wands. This is usually the “you” spot. In this case it will reveal Veronica’s outlook or attitude surrounding her question. In the image the male is facing you with his right hand holding onto one of the wands in the ground. In the background is a scene of a wagon trail. “Help is coming”. This cards gives the feeling of patient waiting while holding on to a goal or objective.

card 8. -7 of Wands REVERSED. The spot of what others think or will do. The external influences related to the question. Reversed energy in this spot would typically suggest a delay or problem. This card is generally positive in it’s upright position. Everyone reads reversals differently. The core meaning is still there and it is the energy that needs to be released constructively if that meaning is positive. If the reversed card is negative in nature to begin with, then the reversal might be a relief.

Darn it all, there will be a confronting situation developing either by the employer or the messenger of the information depicted in the 8 of Wands. This is the only card that does not fit in with the flow of the reading – is it the LITTLE FOXES shown in the previous Pages of Shustah © reading?OR (what do you think?)

Take a look at the 8 of Wands & the 7 of Wands Reversed in the image, they are side by side. I deliberately included the 8 of Wands with the Staff cards. The arrow that the angel is aiming is headed right for the male standing on the mound. He had a slight advantage.It seems to me the Angel’s arrow will throw him off that mound into the reversal position & in that process he will lose the only weapon he had in his hands. What this insight could mean is that the opportunity has no other competition, meaning no one else would apply for it. There is no need to fight for it.Has the threat of the 6 other wands been removed? Veronica should not let anyone take advantage of her. I want to read the reversal of the 7 of Wands to indicate that Veronica’s position is strong and she will have to act quick.

card 9. – 5 of Cups. Many authors say that this position is also an influence closely connected the final card. Some read this card as Hopes & Fears. It really depends on how you feel like reading it. If you have a more uniformed technique when you read cards then stick to it. Without any doubt in my mind, I read card 9 as the outcome of the influence of card 8 – 7 of Wands reversed.

Initially I feel that things will not work out as originally planned but the river does flow in a continuous manner. How is that connected to the obvious traditional meaning of regret or missed opportunity within this card? I choose not to read the overturned cups because I am drawn to the 2 individuals that are walking away towards the river which is in the background of the image.

As a fear card- Veronica is afraid things will not work out and she will regret her decision.

As a hope card- Veronica is hoping that she will not have any regrets leaving her current “secure” job.

card 10. – The Knight of Wands. As the answer or outcome, here we have a feeling of speed again. Change is imminent. Whatever the outcome of this situation around Veronica is – it will be resolved abruptly.Will she return to her previous work environment? The final card strongly suggests a shift in the wind. News is coming that will require some fast thinking. I did not find a yes or a now answer within the Knight of Wands.

Additional Information: Many readers draw a clarification card when a Court appears as the outcome card. Some readers take the last card and do another Celtic cross to gain more information around the person represented by this card. Is it a person, though?I think I will draw one more card, even though I have already put the cards away. The card I chose is The SUN.

tarotfeb10c.jpgA wonderful clarification card. Key #19 is definitely a YES. This card also symbolizes studies, books and learning and ties in very nicely with card #2 – 8 of Pentacles. The SUN is the only Major Arcana and the best one at that.

A few combinations

7 of Wands Reversed + SUN = the advantage or opportunity is larger than you can imagine

8 of Wands + SUN = very very good news

tarotfeb10c.jpg5 of Cups + SUN = despite any regrets or disappointments the rays of the Sun will bring you happiness

7 of Cups + SUN = the right choice is made

2 of Pentacles + SUN = an increase in finances

8 of Pentacles + SUN = being happy with what is studied or learned

3 thoughts on “Tarot of the New Vision guidance

  1. HI.. it is March 2nd 2008…I have read several and I mean several tarot sites… I only found yours today…..I really like it..the way the spread examples are explained are terrific….
    I will stick with this site for awhle and study more….


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