Pages of Shustah(c) guidance

If you have been reading some of the Pages of Shustah© posts you might remember Veronica.

A situation has come up for her that could involve her returning to a job she held last year (the position which was not renewed by contract). Her question today is whether or not another opportunity would come up in the comings months regarding this job. The reason she is asking is because she had heard through the “grapevine” about a potential vacancy.

shustah10.jpgI asked the Pages of Shustah©

“will Veronica go back to her previous work environment?”

(the image is used to illustrate the Shustah© in this reading)

JOURNEY. Green 8- Situation around the question.

HOLY PIGS. Yellow 5- The current influences around the question.

SPINNING TOP. Yellow 9- The outcome or answer to the question.

LITTLE FOXES. Red 2- The unknown factor ( I like to pull a 4th card to reveal additional information that is either a challenge or blessing)

JOURNEY -green colored cards indicate progress or free moving energy. The Journey card suggests that there is a goal or objective in this situation with a destination. The road in the image is not straight and indicates the potential of moving through the overpass. This card is filled with promise because there are no evident blockages.

HOLY PIGS – The energy surround the current influences is powerful. This is a card of good luck as stated in the accompanying book. It will require a nurturing process and suggests that Veronica’s desire to return to the former job will fulfill an emotional need she has. It is also a matter of financial survival. The energy of this card is within certain boundaries depicted by the fence in the background of the image.

SPINNING TOP – The answer to the question is another yellow card – suggesting gain and awareness. There is an element of a big surprise coming. Coupled with the HOLY PIGS, the surprise points to complete abundance and a high probability that Veronica will return to this former work environment.

But perhaps not in the way she is anticipating or in the job that she has gotten word of through the grapevine. The Spinning Top is a card that also can reveal information that might be in Veronica’s best interest but I get the feeling it would benefit others in the process as well….. maybe the person who relayed this news to her.

Although the Spinning Top card is generally positive energy, there is the element of a “twist” of fate within this card. It is not known if the little clown in the picture is full of mischief.

➡ Read Rev. Foor’s Insights on the LITTLE FOXES – I chose a 4th card as clarification to the Spinning Top- the answer card, because I wanted to see if this surprise will continue the positive energy of the HOLY PIGS card. When I saw the red card I had mixed feelings.

Red cards in the Shustah© deck usually point to disappointments of one kind or another, delays or challenges. This is not always negative because without adversity we do not recognize accomplishments.

The Little Foxes suggest interference. There is a strong message contained within this card for Veronica to look at her own objectives as to why she would want to return to the former work environment. I also get the feeling that she may have been misinformed and that the person giving her the inside scoop of this potential opportunity has motives or goals of her own. It boils down to “what is in it for me”. Unfortunately, some people do not help others without strings. And in many cases where this is so – both parties benefit in the end.

UPDATE:FEB 17- Veronica got information that a decision is in the infancy stage. The person that originally gave her the lead on this opportunity could not divulge any further information due to the delicate nature of “office politics”. She was advised not to give up and to be patient….. more on this as it develops. Is it the LITTLE FOXES keeping secrets?

In my overall summary of the cards, I expressed to Veronica that there is more information that she will receive regarding this “past” work environment. Something has not been factored, and there is an obvious element that will come to light very shortly.

The Little Foxes combined with the Spinning Top produces a word of Caution. Red and Yellow = orange= caution.

The real question is whether or not Veronica is really in a position whereby she would be considered for this employment opportunity despite her previous experience. I also get the feeling that this situation has “a curve ball” which I suspect is fast approaching perhaps within the week. For the most part the cards’ energies are good.

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