Lenormand MOUSE #23

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rat.gif The year of Rat is upon us. 2008 is the brown, earth rat or mouse which reminds me of the Lenormand #23 Mouse card. Hopefully 2008 will not have all the negative energy that #23 suggests and that it will be a year of cleaning up situations and loose ends.

Some Combinations for the MOUSE card.

BEAR and MOUSE – some traditional readers of the Lenormand cards identify BEAR with an older man or money. I have always seen power with this card. When these two cards are coupled there is a decrease in personal power. When read in relation to other people it will indicate that a controlling person or situation will go away and leave you alone or at least stop picking at your brain 🙂

LADY and MOUSE – as the significator card for a female, this indicates that you are experiencing low self esteem due to some situation or person. There is a lack of confidence. If you are a male getting the cards, there is a good mousy.jpgpossibility that the female you are interested in does not have a similar attraction. This suggested interpretation also works for the GENTLEMAN and MOUSE.

MOUSE and SCYTHE – this combination is obvious in that there will be a sudden loss. The SCYTHE card is also positive in that it will remove things of no value or use, such as weeds in a garden. For more detail the MOUSE card eliminates what is behind it- if it was the HEART card then a love relationship ends abruptly. If the card is the FISH card then a money situation is heading towards a disaster or unexpected financial hardship involving the liquidation of assets or depletion of the bank account.

MOUSE and CHILD -can represent an unwanted pregnancy. It can suggest that a child is undergoing problems at school and their grades are below average. Many times this duo points to the fact that children do not make some sport related team. The child involved in this combination also is withholding some important information that is creating an inner conflict, basically eating away at the kid. Normally kids are brutally honest but in some cases when there is fear involved as in fear of what a parent will say or do -the kid would rather suffer than upset the parent because they want to be loved and not rejected which happens a lot on a temporary basis.

2 thoughts on “Lenormand MOUSE #23

  1. Hi Seaqueen,
    now it’s Mouse – you certainly get about. Nice to see you back – hope everything is going well.
    I have a bit of a problem with the identification of mouse and rat. Are there rats anywhere else in cards? We don’t have any in Rainring, which seems a shame, thinking about it – or mice, for that matter.

  2. Hello 94,
    Thanks for your comment. I have run into yet another busy time coupled with a flippant flu virus that hasn’t decided whether to attack me or to just toy with me, ha-ha.

    Rainring may not have a Mouse or Rat per se (mostly common only in Lenormand cards) but you have the DEFLATION card which I think is comparable in the associated meanings. The Mouse is all about reduction in situations and people. To eat away at someone’s conscience is to reduce one’s ego.

    Best regards to Hacina.

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