Death card

I thought I’d sneak in a post that I had prepared a few days ago while I have a bit of free time to blog.

The suggested meanings apply to the ART DECO, BIEDERMEIR and ZIGEUNER decks specifically but can be adapted to any one of the SIBILLA cards.



Being despondent, an ending, saying good-bye, finalization, letting go, a separation, it’s finished, charging your batteries, waiting for results, fear of the unknown, throw out the old shoes, your contract is up, harvest, time for renewals, exfoliation, replacing the engine in your vehicles, inner house cleansing, loss of loved one, fright, permanently, removal, time has run out, the answer is NO

The Zigeuner DEATH card
– has the image of a skeleton in a white sheet. In it’s left phalanges it is holding an egg timer.

The Beidermeier DEATH card
– has a skeleton with a white flowing sheet holding a scythe in its left bony hand.

The Art Deco DEATH card
-depicts a skeleton cloaked in a white sheet holding a scythe in its left hand. It emerges behind a coffin with a wooden plaque.


When the Death card shows up in the layout it brings closure and an ending to a situation. There will be a finalization around the person in the neighboring cards. It can be the end of a relationship, a job, a dream, a plan, a goal, and even a problem or worry etc.
Things HAVE to END so that new cycles begin. Endings happen all the time. Things do not go on and on forever. An aspect or part of a situation always ends even though the totality of the situation remains the same, thus new beginnings.
This card will prevent further advancement of whatever is depicted by the card which precedes it because one of it’s meanings has been terminated.
In other words – TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Expect a change in plans or direction.
Expect a turbulent time with lots of changes. But it will be good for you as it expands your horizons. The change can relate to persons or places. Your relations can get deeper (move together, marriage). You meet new people; at your job you can get more responsibilities or change to another company. Maybe you move to another town. If your present situation is bad it will improve soon and everything will turn out to your advantage.

It looks like today you just might clean out that closet and throw out what you don’t need anymore. You could be saying good-bye to someone who is moving away or has left your workplace. The answer is will NOT be forthcoming and if it does come it will most likely be a NO. A good day to go to a spa and get a facial. Getting rid of the dead skins cells on your face helps to promote new growth that is fresher.
The legal papers arrive in the mail. It’s time to renew your insurance policy. Hearing the news of a death. Going separate ways. Your cat or dog has run away.
A situation presents itself today that will put the finishes touches where they belong. Construction in your home is finally done. The blocked off street has re-opened.
A current situation is having closure. It could be a relationship you are in. Sigh, it’s finally over –time to heal and move on. All things end, let’s face it. Getting rid of the dead skins cells on your face helps to promote new growth that is fresher. Ask yourself what situation or person is in the process of leaving your life?

Your Chi is stagnating and it needs to get some healthy movement. And only you can do that, it is your life-force. So breathe it in and breathe it out! Pinch yourself to see how it feels to be alive.

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