Symbolon – The Gilded Cage

1symbolon.jpg The Gilded Cage card is found on page 68 in the LWB that comes with the Symbolon deck.

I don’t always use the suggested layout in the booklet and find that the 1 card daily draw provides more than enough information. Sometimes a person is not looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. At times we just want to ask, “where am I right now” in respect to our emotional & intellectual state.

The image in the card contains Astrological symbols. On the top left is the glyph for Taurus and on the right side of the card is Libra. On the bottom of the card we have Venus on both sides. If you are familiar with Astrology this means Venus in Taurus and Venus in Libra. The image shows a beautiful lady in a cage with a big padlock while a handsome man is looking at her. His arms are behind his back and in his right hand he holds the Key. Is this the key that will open the gilded cage?

Venus in Taurus

Venus the planet of love is in it’s natural home in the sign of Taurus. There is a love of beauty and all the comforts of a peaceful environment.

Venus in Libra

Venus is in another natural home in the sign of Libra. Taurus is more concerned about the materialistic possessions that bring happiness and Libra is focused on maintaining balance in relationships.

With the general description of these two signs you would think that the cards meaning would be more positive in nature. However according to the LWB we can see negative suggestions such as jealousy, bribing, being imprisoned or entrapped by a relationship.

As a 1 card daily draw.

If you drew The Gilded Cage and meditated just on the image, there is feeling that you will have  little control over the circumstances that day.  It would be a day when everything depended on other people’s plans or decisions.  So you will just have to sit back on your throne and await the events of the day to unfold and if you were to initiate any actions yourself you would be at the mercy of external circumstances.

Another way to look at this card is to see which character you identify with, the lady or the man.

Within this card is a suggestion that you could turn down invitations because you are so comfortable with your own routine that you do not want to venture too far away.  This way you are in control because it’s just you that you have to deal with.  There is someone that you will talk to during the course of the day that has the “key” to helping you get outside of yourself.

On another level  – being attached to your comfort zone will prevent you from experiencing the potential of exploring a romantic relationship.  There is a real dichotomy in this card.  In answer to the original question, “where am I right now”, the suggestion is that you don’t know what you are missing by being in the emotional/intellectual state that you are in.  The guidance is to find a balance within yourself so that you can  remove the imaginary padlock off you heart  (Venus) by using the key which you possess.

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One thought on “Symbolon – The Gilded Cage

  1. Hi SQ,
    Interesting! (as ever). I had a day like that today – you know, when right from the word go, you drop something , narrowly missing crushing your foot, fall over the cat and bang your head on the open cupboard door… message: stay in and keep quiet!
    In my days as a self-employed gardner I once cancelled a day’s work for exactly this reason – the day began with a blip, and after two more in quick succession, I said to myself: ‘if you go to work today, at this rate something NASTY is going to happen’
    (P.S. Nice to be back; I’ve been offline for a while)

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