Lenormand #3 SHIP

#3 SHIP (image taken on the coast of Vancouver)

ABOUT THE CARD – The ship card is all about travel, commerce and also in the broadest sense about working. It represents many modes of transportation. One of the traditional meanings is “to inherit”. Also “to long” for, from which is derived hope.

The ship card tells of situations that are in motion, similar to the Rider in that the motion is approaching or has passed. All things move at their own pace, in their own cycles.

Some combinations to think about.

ship+fish= inheriting or winning money

ship+cross= a trip or journey with a purpose, usually important, meeting someone unexpectedly at a time when you need to hear some information they have – a fated meeting.

ship+lily= travel with the family

ship+house= going home, arriving back from travel

ship+ lady/gentleman= going on a journey, can be business related

ship+mice= losses connected to travel or a trip costs more than anticipated, cancellations or delays are possible, a business deal goes sour

ship+path= an important decision, 2 trips

ship+stars= travel with promise, a new business concept

ship+heart= longing for love, going on a romantic get-away, a young man working near the water

There are many common sense combinations.

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