Understanding the CONSTANCY card

Dedicated, continuous, reliable, steadfast, for sure, likeness, even-stephen, guaranteed,
even Stephen, lack of change, faithful, routinely, fixed, the sun rises in the east, ask and ye shall receive, lacking variety, boring, power of the Universe, evil eye deflector

constancy.jpgThe Zigeuner CONSTANCY card
-depicts one large eye with shooting rays and a few tiny stars.

The Biedermeier CONSTANCY card
-has an image of an eye with puffy circular cloud around it. There 8 thick rays coming from the clouds.

The Art Deco CONSTANCY card
– shows and eye in the heavens with some fluffy clouds around it. There are 3 thick rays above and below the eye overlooking a mountainous landscape.


When the CONSTANCY card comes up in a layout it give stable energy to the surrounding cards. It anchors the energy. When it falls beside a card depicting a person, they are predictable and can be read like an open book. The essence of this card is similar to the feeling that you get when you are in a routine or habit of doing things.
Constancy, determination, stability, reliable friend.

Your day will probably be uneventful. It should be a relatively smooth day with no major ups and downs. If you are concerned about a condition around someone’s life, there will be no significant change one way or the other. You’ll be doing the same old thing at the same old time. The answer is you will get what you need, not what you want.

There is good support with this card. It will add a steadiness to the events that occur during the flow of the day. Usually this is a good thing. In some cases, it might not be because if the circumstance or person involved is not favorable, probably it will continue to be as unfavorable. At least there won’t be any dramatic change either way.
Of course this card can come up anywhere in the layout.


Your spiritual path is a steady force in your life. The meditations have come to a leveling off and you are not experiencing much headway. There is stillness in your heart. The healing is happening even though you don’t feel it. Keep at it, after every calm there is a storm which leads to discovery and an awakening.


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