Asking Art Deco cards

[study example question – Miss X asks, “when will Mr. Z ask me to marry him”?]


lordmypicture_8.jpg-PRIDE –

There is a big balloon called “ego” that is floating around in the reading somewhere. The situation has an air of arrogance. The person is conceited and full of themselves. The essence of the pride card is the same as feeling superior to those less fortunate.

a snobby attitude-

The situation spot is revealing that there is a potential problem – looking in the mirror and only seeing yourself and how great you think you are. You are convinced you are right and without shortcomings. Thinking you are God’s gift to men won’t get you down the altar any faster.





The love card promises positive emotional well being in love questions. The other thing is a significant relationship is of the utmost importance – the focus. The Art Deco Cupid is not looking at the couple in the background but is eavesdropping to what is being said. Has the arrow of love been shot or is it under consideration?

The essence of this card is togetherness in the feelings of love, the love of something or for someone. The situation card is pointing out that the female asking the question is perhaps “blind” to the reality of this relationship. Sometimes couples have serious problems but do not “see” them. Many times one partner is totally oblivious to the other person’s activities for one reason or another.




The image shows two people at odds with each other. They are not agreeing on some matter. The man and woman are at a stalemate. There could be a number of reasons. Keeping the question in mind – Mr.Z will refuse to set a date to get married unless his terms are considered.

Within this card is a “bargain” or “barter”. It is not a win-win situation or outcome. A sacrifice in the sake of love will be made. The female asking the question has put herself in a situation of rejection (for the time being).





lordmypicture.jpgCLARIFICATION CARD

An extra card can be drawn to find out how this situation can be resolved or in some cases it will show the final outcome.


The essence of this card is knowing your role. When you tie this card in with Pride, Love and Misunderstanding the message for Miss X is to wait. Mr. Z wants to do things the right way with proper planning.

This card also suggests a marriage will take place but it will be done according to traditional rites of matrimony.

4 thoughts on “Asking Art Deco cards

  1. Thank you for posting this reading! I’m doing a bit of catching up on your blog. Loving all the Art Deco explanations, and it’s great to see how they work together in a reading. I have yet to really work with this deck since getting it for Christmas. Soon, though!! Your insights are so very helpful, thanks so much!

    How’s your family doing? How’s Joe? (If you don’t mind my asking.)

    ♥ Kiki

  2. Good to hear from you Kiki,
    Thank you for your comment. I am grateful for your feedback.
    I am very fond of the Art Deco deck.
    Sometimes I just let the image speak to me, this may or may not always be the best way. Decks such as Sibilla style cards are good story tellers, lol.
    Joe is improving slowly. When the part of the brain that is affected that operates the cognitive process things such as reading and math have to be learned from the beginning.
    Talk to you soon. xox

  3. Wow…that’s tough. But I’m really very glad to hear that he is indeed improving, and moving in a positive direction. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts…

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