The card “Baby”

TIME – 40 weeks

1baby.jpg • Beginnings, one step at a time, immature, responsibility, fresh, outlook, birth of idea or project, pregnancy, not fully developed, naive, requires protection, dependent, needy, counting on, aborting, worries, foolish, something new, preliminary, incomplete data, gossip, all that we do not know, emotional attachment

The Zigeuner BABY card
-depicts a small baby with a soother in it’s mouth lying in a rocker cradle. The room is well lit. A red rose sits on the ledge of the window. A large green area rug covers the wooden floor.

The Beidermeier BABY card
– has an image of a large elaborate wooden rocking cradle holding a baby that is securely covered up. The background is a pale blue.

The Art Deco BABY card
-shows a chubby naked baby holding a rattle as it lies on a big pillow. The red curtain is open to allow for the yellow of the sunshine.

The Kipper BABY card

-displays a small child holding a doll sitting on a stork.


When the BABY card appears in the layout it holds a promise of eventual growth in some area. It will add more information about the stage of development the situation or person is in. The card also represents worries and will point out which areas need supervision, nurturing and tending. A child or dependent. A disadvantaged friend. Having fun and avoiding responsibility. The circumstances are not very serious. There is an emotional attachment to a situation or person.

A birth or rebirth. The beginning of a new project or venture. New or increased responsibilities that will require careful attention.

The card denotes new ideas, a fresh start, and improved circumstances. It can indicate added income such as a raise in pay, or increased profits. This card can also predict the successful start of a new project or business venture that will require careful attention to get off the ground. It can denote financial assistance coming from an unexpected source. Specifically Bambino represents an infant or child, and can predict a pregnancy or new addition to the family.

When you select the BABY card you can expect some new projects to start today. You will be involved with things that require an open mind. Someone depends on you. You help a person who is in need. A grown up attitude saves the day.

You can expect to have a refreshing day.
-There can be issues involving an actual child.
-You could start a new job today.
-It could be a day of fun and games, nothing too serious.
-Playing with the child within.
-Don’t make a major decision you do not have all the facts.
Try nurturing yourself for a change. A great new idea.

Goofing around.


Past life regressions shows that you need to let the little kid out once in awhile to play. You begin to remember segments of your childhood while under hypnosis. You think back during a healing meditation and send love to the abandoned child within.

2 thoughts on “The card “Baby”

    • Hi Lorraine: The baby card has universal symbolism and is similar to the child card in many fortune telling decks. Cards combined with baby or child will give you a blended meaning. Madame Seaqueen.

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