Major Arcana+Astrology+Suits

0 The FOOL – Uranus -AIR –spades.jpgrules Aquarius, house 11

*1 The MAGICIAN -Mercury -AIR-spades.jpgrules Gemini, house 3 plus EARTH –diamonds.jpgrules Virgo, house 6*

6 The LOVERS- Gemini -AIR –spades.jpgrules house 3

11 JUSTICE- Libra -AIR –spades.jpgrules house 7

17 The STAR- Aquarius -AIR –spades.jpgrules house 11

 +the suit of SWORDS spades.jpg

*3 The EMPRESS- Venus – EARTH-diamonds.jpgrules Taurus, house 2 plus AIR-spades.jpgrules Libra, house 7*

5 The HEIROPHANT- Taurus – EARTH –diamonds.jpgrules house 2

9 The HERMIT- Virgo -EARTH –diamonds.jpgrules house 6

15 The DEVIL- Capricorn -EARTH –diamonds.jpgrules house 10

21 The WORLD- Saturn -EARTH –diamonds.jpgrules Capricorn, house 10

 +the PENTACLES Suit diamonds.jpg

4 The EMPEROR-  Aries -FIRE –club.jpgrules house 1

8 STRENGTH-  Leo -FIRE  –club.jpgrules house 5

10 WHEEL of FORTUNE-  Jupiter  -FIRE –club.jpgrules Sagittarius, house 9
14 TEMPERANCE-  Sagittarius -FIRE –club.jpgrules house 9
16 The TOWER-  Mars -FIRE –club.jpgrules Aries, house 1
19 The SUN – Sun -FIRE –club.jpgrules Leo, house 5
+the suit of WANDS club.jpg
2 The HIGH PRIESTESS –  Moon – WATER  –hearts.jpgrules Cancer, house 4
7 The CHARIOT – Cancer -WATER  –hearts.jpgrules house 4
12 The HANGED MAN  -Neptune -WATER  –hearts.jpgrules Pisces, house 12
13 DEATH – Scorpio -WATER –hearts.jpgrules house 8
18 The MOON – Pisces -WATER –hearts.jpgrules house 12
20 JUDGMENT- Pluto – WATER-hearts.jpg rules Scorpio, house 8
+the suit of CUPS hearts.jpg
In traditional Astrology Uranus, Neptune & Pluto were not assigned to signs or  houses .
Mars ruled both Aries & Scorpio. FIRE & WATER
Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius & Pisces. FIRE & WATER
Venus ruled both Taurus & Libra. EARTH & AIR
Mercury ruled both Gemini and Virgo. AIR & EARTH
Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius. EARTH & AIR
With the Sun & Moon  that makes 12.
The higher octave of Mercury is URANUS (1781)and  is connected to Aquarius, house 11.
The higher octave of Venus is NEPTUNE (1846)which is assigned to Pisces, house 12.
The higher octave of Mars is PLUTO (1930) which is  associated with Scorpio, 8th house.

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