Astro Houses- keywords

A few useful keywords to follow when you do the Astrology Wheel card readings.
When the card falls in a “house” it will activate or be representative of the “house’s” associated meanings.
For Example using the Tarot.
empress.jpgThe EMPRESS falling in house 5 can strongly suggest a pregnancy. Relations with your children are bountiful. The Empress can even be “Lady luck” if you are engaged in any type of gambling activities. Also, a love affairs will prosper.
artdmisunderstanding.jpgFor Example using the Art Deco.
The Misunderstanding card falling in house 7 will indicate marital issues, partnership confusion, legal misrepresentation. It will also suggest lack of co-operation from the general public.
For Example using the gipsy Skat.
The 10diamonds.jpg[The card of financial change. Incoming large amount of money. This can cover many areas such as a windfall, a winning ticket, a bonus check, an unexpected gift of money etc. The energy of this card is positive and will lessens the minor negative cards of loss.] falling in house 2 promises an increase in money and all things you value.

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