21. MALADY (found in the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, Art Deco fortune telling cards, Biedermeir, #31 Kipperkarten, and many other Sibilla style cards.


The appearance of MALADY in a layout points to a person or situation that is in a state of imbalance. Sometimes using illness as an excuse to avoid dealing with the reality of a situation or accepting responsibility.

Sickness, illness, being a temporary patient. Resting at home in bed hiding under the covers. Beside the sick bed is the medicine bottle, a glass & a spoon or medicine dropper- it doesn’t look like it has been used. Or maybe the woman is too sick to administer her own meds & she needs help. Are you neglecting someone in need?

Notice the single bed... maybe that is part of the problem- there is no night time companion to whisper in your ear words of love or to hug you when you have one of those scary dreams.

Or are you just feeling tired and run down or feeling stuck within your own negative thoughts.

This card can suggest the necessity to rest. In some cases it will indicate a leave of absence from your job.

There are many reasons we get sick. When you identify the cause you can see the solution. I get sick right before a major decision or some significant pending change. I don’t get sick-sick, but I shut down and rest completely and do not talk to anyone for a day. This is my way of re-charging my batteries.

feeling lovesick (+ love card)

overdrawn bank account (+money card)

financial problems(+loss card)

disappointing or bad news (+ letter or message cards)

recovery, and improvement (+hope card)

severely envious (+ jealousy card)

sudden health setback (+misfortune card)


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