Skat interpretation STEPS 3/3

The interpretation of the block of 9 reading using the Skat from the LAST POST.


Queenhearts.jpg(female of the reading)

Jack club.jpga younger male in the recent past, or a situation that is bothersome

Jack hearts.jpgthoughts belonging to the Queen, a young male emotionally or family connected, a situation from the past but could still be active because the two courts are looking at each other.

Jack diamonds.jpga positive young man, may not be known yet because he falls in the future

3 Jacks suggest a group of young men.


Queenhearts.jpg– she is thinking about work and money ACEdiamonds.jpg , there is a lack of clarity around her currently 9spades.jpg because of she is emotionally distracted or concerned about a young male very close to her JACKhearts.jpg. This male has had associations with another younger or immature male JACKclub.jpg in the past. There were some problems. As a result of these issues that involved the JACKhearts.jpg created much worry 9club.jpg. The emotional communication was not always smooth between the QUEEN hearts.jpg & JACK hearts.jpg. The 9club.jpgsuggests an sickness. In the very near future the Queen will meet a younger male JACKdiamonds.jpg who is planning to take a trip/travel 10spades.jpg . It is not certain if he must travel because of news coming.. This male can a professional ACEspades.jpg and can have associations with large institutions such as court, hospitals, educational facilities, high profile offices.

Things may take a long time to settle or clear up 10spades.jpg and the Queenhearts.jpg may receive news of a divorce, death or terminal illness ACEspades.jpg.

A troublesome situation JACKclub.jpg involving a financial or work situation 10diamonds.jpgmay involve travel 10spades.jpg
The Queenhearts.jpg is preoccupied with a younger male who is close to her JACKhearts.jpg and it is not as serious JACKdiamonds.jpg as it looks.
An illness 9club.jpgin the recent past created much worry. Double black 9’s- this situation is surrounded by negative energy and could be a serious challenge 9spades.jpgin the very near future. The outcome is not promising ACEspades.jpg

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